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Technology Department

Donna Malloy
Executive Director of Technology
PH:  (252) 399-7870 x8301

FX:  (252) 399-7832


Cindy Berry
Technology Coordinator
PH:  (252) 399-7870 x8302

FX:  (252) 399-7832


Brian Wagner
Senior Network Engineer
PH:  (252) 399-7870 x8303
FX:  (252) 399-7832


Elias Ibero
WAN Engineer
PH:  (252) 399-7870 x8304

FX:  (252) 399-7832


Sharea Harper
PH:  (252) 399-7870 x8306

FX:  (252) 399-7832


Brent Thomas - Hunt High

Wes Faulkwell Beddingfield High 

TBD- Fike High

Tim Kirby Daniels Learning Center, Elm City Elementary, Elm City Middle, Hearne Elementary, Toisnot Middle, Vick Elementary, Wells Elementary, Wilson Early College, 

Michelle Britt - Forest Hills Middle, Lee Woodard Elementary, New Hope Elementary, Rock Ridge Elementary, Springfield Middle, Vinson-Bynum Elementary, Lucama Elementary, Jones Elementary 

Omar Perkins - Barnes Elementary, Gardners Elementary, Speight Middle, Stantonsburg Elementary, Winstead Elementary, Darden Middle, Central Office 

Instructional Technology Facilitators

Cara Patterson - Elm City Middle

Donna Currie - Lee Woodard Elementary, New Hope Elementary, Rock Ridge Elementary, Jones Elementary

Deepak Sharma - Forest Hills Middle

Joseph Hayes - Beddingfield High, Applied Academy of Technology 2016-POC

Chris Beneck Hunt High

Michelle Edwards - Springfield Middle

Christine Baugh - Speight Middle

Natalie Mercer - Elm City Elementary, Gardners Elementary, Stantonsburg Elementary, Vick Elementary, Winstead Elementary

Renee Olivieri - Darden Middle, Daniels-POC

Suzanne Colbert - Wells Elementary

Yvette Jobe - Fike High, Early College-POC

Lora Pittman - Vinson-Bynum Elementary, Hearne Elementary and Barnes Elementary


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