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Friday, January 09, 2015

January 9, 2015

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A huge THANK YOU above the fold to our Transportation Department, Maintenance Department, bus drivers and staff assigned to car lines for braving the cold for our students! We love this picture of Rock Ridge Elementary Principal Jennifer Lewis in her cozy camo coat Thursday morning.

Shout Outs! 

1. Ginger Phillips, school nurse, Lee Woodard Elementary
Ms. Phillips is new to Lee Woodard this year and is making a huge impact by going above and beyond. A student recently transferred to the school who is diabetic and when his mother was having trouble finding a time to meet with Ms. Phillips about a diabetic plan, Ms. Phillips adjusted her schedule to meet with the mother at 6 p.m. on a day that she was not assigned to Lee Woodard. She also goes to Lee Woodard every morning to check on him - even days when she is at other schools. 

2. Jeremy Howard, coach and social studies teacher, Beddingfield High
Gardners Elementary would like to thank Mr. Howard for bringing members of the Bruins men's basketball team and women's volleyball team to the sixth annual Gardners Volleyball Match. Students watched as their teachers and the Bruins volleyball team played a match. During intermission, the basketball team talked to students about the importance of academics and attitude to be successful in life.

3. Wilson Rotary Club
Wells Elementary would like to give a Shout Out! to the Wilson Rotary Club and Club Member Steven Leder for donating dictionaries to the third-grade students. Not only did Mr. Leder deliver the books, but he also took the time to talk with the children about Leders Department Store and his business ventures because the students are learning about the economy in their social studies unit. 

4. Jim Howard, School Resource Officer, Springfield Middle
Deputy Howard recently shared his pottery hobby with the sixth-grade AIG students at Springfield to help them understand Native American Pottery. What an awesome skill! 

5. Kindergarten Classes at Barnes Elementary
Students in Amy Bass and Stephanie Towns' kindergarten classes recently participated in the Gingerbread Exchange, which included classes from Indonesia, Guam, Australia, Virgin Islands, Canada and from the United States. Students created personalized gingerbread men along with letters telling about their school and community. What a cool way to promote global awareness. 

6. Connie Crumpler and the Rock Ridge Elementary Cafeteria Staff 
Everyone at Rock Ridge would like to recognize the cafeteria staff for continually working to make Breakfast in the Classroom successful. The staff is always ready to assist teachers so that instructional time is not affected, and they are always smiling and cheerful! 

7. The Fike Tri-M Music Honor Society 
The Fike Tri-M Music Honor Society recently inducted 45 members from the band and chorus. The two programs serve more than 225 students and inductees must not only be members of either the band or chorus but also must maintain a 3.7 GPA. 

8. Lucama Elementary PTO
The Lucama Elementary PTO provided fourth-graders with the experience of panning for minerals and then testing them for different properties. When approached with the idea of providing funds for this project, the PTO was in full support. The students were engaged and excited.

9. Jordan Webb, band director, Toisnot Middle
Lynn Organ, who is a parent of a Toisnot student and also an English teacher at Beddingfield High wanted to give the following Shout Out: "Ms. Webb is nothing short of amazing. She has transformed a group of 51 sixth-graders, who knew absolutely nothing about music or their new instruments, into a band. At their concert on Dec.16, the audience was blown away by the talent that she awakened in these young novices. They played beautifully, and you would never have known that just a few short months earlier, most of them had never even held an instrument, much less read music. Thank you for helping my daughter find the music in her heart because you clearly have it in yours!"

10. WilsonShines Performances
Earlier this week, the WilsonShines committee met and selected seven performances for the 2015 WilsonShines concert. Congratulations to the performers! The purpose of WilsonShines is to highlight groups within our school system and community. Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with community groups, school administrators, other teachers or parents to produce a one-of-a-kind performance that allows students to shine! The event is scheduled for March 19 at 7 p.m. at Fike High as a fundraiser for Communities In Schools.


- Please consider helping the family of a student at Springifeld Middle who lost their home this week. Please send any donations to Springfield Middle and make checks payable to Springfield Middle as well. On the memo line, indicate that the check is for the Wells Family. Let's do everything we can to support them! 
- WCS is partnering with Wilson Medical Center on health initiatives. If you are a staff member, please take a moment to complete this health survey

- The Biogen Idec Foundation will award $125,000 in grants to support innovative science education programs and projects across North Carolina. Ignite the Power of STEM grants will be awarded to teachers, schools and non-profit STEM education programs. Teachers may apply for a grant up to $2,000. Schools and non-profits may apply for a grant up to $5,000. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on Jan. 16. Grants will be awarded by Feb. 20, and are to be expended by Dec. 31. More information about the grant and the link to apply can be found online at

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