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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug. 21, 2015

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Shout Outs!
1. Superintendent Sean Bulson
We want to thank Dr. Bulson for his leadership, commitment and courage. He immerses himself in everything related to public education and is constantly thinking of innovative ways to reach students and support staff. We appreciate how he recognizes our hard work, encourages us and is not afraid to confront topics that others shy away from. 

2. Darden Middle and Fike High
These two schools host numerous events, but the WCS Back-to-School Fair at Darden and the Opening Day Rally at Fike take the cake! You would not believe the time and effort it takes to prepare a school for these huge events. We are grateful to Principals Steve Hunter and Mark Holley, the office staff and the custodians. Mr. Herring at Darden - you are a rock star! 

3. WCS Maintenance Department
A huge THANK YOU to our custodians, shop employees, yard crew and warehouse staff led by Mark Letchworth. We know the task of preparing our buildings and grounds for a new school year is an enormous one and so much of what you do is behind the scenes. We also want to send well wishes to Lee Newcomb as he recovers from a heart attack. Get well soon!   

4. 2015-2016 Teacher, Principal and School of the Year
These three are the ones to watch and emulate this school year! Let’s hear it again for our WCS Teacher of the Year Laura Nelson (fifth-grade teacher at Hearne Elementary), WCS Principal of the Year Pattie Barnes (Springfield Middle) and the staff at Daniels Learning Center. We know they will accomplish great things! 

5. Students Featured at Opening Day
Special thanks to Hearne Elementary Fifth-grader Ayden Meneses for braving the stage at Opening Day to share his expertise on leadership. And also to the students in the videos that stole our hearts – Triniti Boose (Jones Elementary), Davis Mitchell (Rock Ridge Elementary), Araya Taylor (Vinson-Bynum Elementary), Taylor Jordan (Rock Ridge) and from Hunt High - Nicholas Taylor and Angel Holland. We wish Jordan Spells, one of my favorite people in life, the best as he moves back to New York to finish high school. Wonder if he will say, "Good morning, Teacher." Thanks to Hunt High Broadcasting Teacher Grant Roberson for directing! 
Video 1: (kids at table with intro)
Video 2: (kids at table, no intro)
Video 3: (Hunt students)

6. Freshmen at Wilson Early College Academy (WECA)
Students returned to WECA on Aug. 4, and a big focus at the school is serving the community. On Aug. 10, Principal Nelson Johnston and several staff members brought the freshmen class to Darden so they could stuff 1,500 backpacks with supplies for the WCS Back-to-School Fair. What should have taken two days only took a few hours. They are an awesome group, and we are so excited about their school year! 

7. Lynn Williams, sixth-grade teacher, Springfield Middle
Kudos to Ms. Willilams for a great idea. Please email me your summer vacation pictures so I can share these with you throughout the year when we all need a little vacation! 

8. Jessica Bailey, coordinator of web communications and special projects, and Amber Lynch, director of public relations
We didn't want this one included because it's truly a community effort (see the attached Thank You to our Sponsors ad), but we were told by Darden Principal Steve Hunter that he would just hit Reply All and send it himself. So...Principal Hunter would like to thank Ms. Bailey and Ms. Lynch for their "exemplary, outstanding professionalism and dedication in coordinating the WCS Back-to-School Fair." 

9. Fike High Band 
Special thanks to the Fike band led by Sarah Fenske for performing the past two years at the WCS Back-to-School Fair. You guys are awesome, and we appreciate your support of this event - especially since you sacrificed one of your last Saturdays before the start of the school year.

10. #wcsgetfit
Chief Operations Officer Eric Davis (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) is challenging all WCS employees to renew their focus on health this school year. Follow him on Twitter at #wcsgetfit and also stay tuned to weekly emails, motivational videos, a Fitness Rave/Workout Session at Hunt High on Sept. 28 at 4 p.m. and the Wilson Wellness 5K/Color Run on Oct. 17. Kudos to Jessica Bailey for her role in all of this - here is a link to everything! Can't wait to see which one of us passes out first at the rave! 

Highlighting Community Partners
Merck - We are grateful to Merck for its financial support as our Presenting Sponsor for the WCS Back-to-School Fair. We are also grateful to Plant Manager Kelley Brna and all of the Merck employees who volunteered to stuff backpacks on Aug. 10 and helped give out backpacks at the Fair on Aug. 15. 

- We are excited about our new partnership with Brewmasters and grateful that they are going to feed every staff member in the district over the next three weeks, sponsor the Wilson Wellness 5K/Color Run, provide lunch for all the Grati-Tours and also cater 10 Rightway Cafe lunches!

- The Warriors for Scott Team is hosting a Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee's on Sept. 12 from 8-10 a.m. Tickets are $7 and proceeds will help cover medical expenses for Scott Hayes' battle with ALS. He is the husband of Sonya Hayes, an incredible teacher at Elm City Elementary. For tickets, contact Let's show them our support!

- The Run 4 Richie is scheduled for Oct. 3 to benefit Richie Creech as he battles cancer. He is the husband of Sallie Creech, an amazing and hilarious teacher at Wells Elementary. Let's support this family! Here's the link to register for the event: ?Run 4 Richie Registration

Comments on "Aug. 21, 2015"

10/8/2015 9:42:29 AM CST

1. Jordan Spells said...

Good Day Wilson County Public Schools, This is Jordan Spells and I was recently featured in the Opening Day video which was captured at Hunt High School. I am especially excited, just to say that it was an honor to help my academic family out doing something I really love to do. I am currently in the state of New York where I am finishing my last year in High School. I am doing great, although it would be better if I was at Hunt once again. Yes, @AmberLynch , I do still say Good Morning Teacher! Lol. I even have a new nickname here at my new school . They call me Jordan Spells a.k.a. " HAPPY MAN ". Without a shadow of a doubt , they are right. If you are wondering how i found this story board, i got bored and because I miss Wilson County Schools, this was the first page to go on , for me. I thank you all who have given me the opportunity to help others! It's truly a blessing to me and others as well. Thank you ALL! P.S. I look forward to be back, working with the Wilson County Public Schools in the year of 2020! See you then :) God Bless.

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