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Youth Master Plan

Strong communities are built on the foundations of families, and most importantly, the foundations we provide for our youth. We realize that all children benefit from stable homes, strong schools, positive role models, and nurturing and safe environments. The Wilson Youth Master Plan demonstrates the commitment of our community leaders to ensure that all our youth will be insulated by a pipeline of positive opportunities and proper support they need to become productive citizens and future leaders of the next generation.

The Youth Master Plan represents a joint effort between Wilson 20/20  Community Vision and Wilson County Schools to bring together educators, parents, community members, nonprofits, businesses, churches, law enforcement and government agencies to improve the outcomes for all children in our community. We have engaged our youth in the planning process, and we have responded to the priorities they have helped us establish. This plan has assured us that we are partnering with a community that cares about each and every child. 

Our Plan represents the work of five impact teams focused on areas where attention and action are warranted for our youth:

  • Education and Workforce
  • K-12 Academic Achievement
  • Health and Wellness
  • Out of School Time
  • Safety

In each of these areas, we have developed ambitious strategies that will require improved communication, extensive collaboration, and strong leadership to hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes we hope to achieve. We want all of our youth to realize the endless possibilities and the potential they will have upon graduation, and we intend for each of our youth to benefit from our investment and our commitment to help them succeed.   Visit the Wilson 20/20 website for more information:



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