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Request for Research Application
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Request for Research Application Form

Wilson County Schools (WCS) endeavors to provide opportunities for research studies of quality to be conducted within the system by graduate students and by other professionally and technically qualified individuals and research organizations.

Factors which are considered in assessing whether the school system will cooperate in a proposal for research include the following:  

1. The technical soundness of the proposal design

2. The appropriateness of the research topic

3. The availability of research sites and subjects of the kinds requested

4. The nature and amount of the interruption required in the ongoing educational program

5. The privacy of respondents

6. The kind and number of data-gathering procedures or instruments to be used in the study

7. The need for the schools to safeguard the personal and legal rights of students, parents, and staff


The following categories of research will be accepted for screening and evaluation:  

1. Unsolicited research proposals from individuals or organizations independent of WCS

2. Proposals for studies for masters’ theses and doctoral dissertations originating from WCS employees

3. Proposals for studies for doctoral dissertations originating from proponents other than WCS employees

4. Responses to WCS requests for proposals for external audits and research

5. Proposals for research activities originating within WCS offices, departments, divisions and other units, transmitted through their central office administrative channels.


Applications will be reviewed by Accountability/Technology Services. Final approval is given by the Superintendent. Legal reference: G.S. 115C-36, -47 Article 16

Accountability/Technology Services does not provide applicants with assistance in research design, instrument development, data analysis or report writing except as authorized by the Superintendent in the application.

Student and parent participation in a study is voluntary. Participation of WCS personnel also is voluntary unless specifically indicated by the Superintendent. Any instruments to be administered to the research subjects must display a clarifying statement to this effect on its fact sheet. Anonymity of any participant must be preserved. The identity of schools, offices or the school system cannot be revealed unless authorized by the Superintendent.



Applicants wishing to conduct research in WCS are required to complete the Request for Research Application and submit two copies to: Accountability/Technology Services, Wilson County Schools, 117 NE Tarboro Street, Wilson, NC 27893-4016.

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