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Spanish Immersion

For all families with incoming kindergartners, WCS offers Spanish Immersion at Elm City Elementary School. In a Spanish Immersion classroom, students spend the entire school day and school year learning to speak, read and write in both Spanish and English. 

Elm City Elementary
5544 Lake Wilson Rd.
Elm City, NC 27822
(252) 236-4574

Facts about Spanish Immersion:

•     Every content area in the Spanish Immersion classroom is taught entirely in Spanish through 1st grade. Students are taught to read, write and converse in Spanish by being immersed in the language. 

•     Students must be previously assessed before being accepted into the Spanish Immersion Program. 

•     Students will be given a kindergarten assessment and an additional Spanish Immersion assessment before being accepted into the program. 

•     Twenty-four kindergarten students must qualify for the program in order for it to be held. If less than 24 qualify, students will enroll in a traditional kindergarten class at their base school. 

•     In order to qualify for the program, students must meet the English proficiency requirements (the identification of all letters of the alphabet and identification of all letter sounds in English); must have a signed Spanish Immersion Parent Statement of Understanding; and must meet all the qualifications needed for kindergarten.

What Are the Benefits for Students?

Students will… 

•    Become bilingual and biliterate 

•    Gain exposure to other cultures and languages 

•    Improve self-esteem 

•    Excel academically 

•    Enjoy career advantages 

•    Prepare to meet the challenges of a global society

Did you know?

•    Using language in a variety of subjects increases students’ flexibility with the language.

•    Students well-versed in a second culture are less likely to make mistakes or have cultural misunderstandings when traveling and working in a different country.

•    Brain scans performed on people who have strong second- and third-language skills show that more parts of their brain are active than the typical brain of people who only speak one language.

•    Knowing how to speak a second language will make it easier to learn a third language.

•    Many large, international companies will not even consider a potential employee for a job unless they are able to communicate with ease in at least two languages.


“My son is not merely learning Spanish but becoming bilingual. He already refers to his two languages and speaks of his desire to learn a third once he has mastered Spanish. The teachers in this program are caring, compassionate and enthusiastic. They treat each child as an individual and are focused on their needs.”

 - Christie Edgerton, Elm City Elementary parent

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