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Facility Rentals
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The following guidelines should be followed when processing a Facility Rental Application.

Agency or Individual Renter - Any agency, group or individual interested in using a school facility must:

  1. Visit in person the principal/designee at the desired school to ascertain that the facility is available on the requested date.
  2. Pick up from the school the Facility Rental Manual and read it thoroughly.
  3. Submit a completed Facility Rental Application to the principal/designee at least two weeks (10 working days) in advance of the event.
  4. Sign and date the application as indication of a contractual agreement to honor the rental regulations and fee requirements, including the liability clause.
  5. Return the completed application, along with the full rental fee.
  6. Pay for any damages to the facility and/or equipment and additional fees for custodial services within five days of the event.  All payments should be made payable to Wilson County Schools and deposited with the school principal/designee.

Principal/Designee – The school principal or his/her designee will evaluate each Facility Rental Application in accordance with Wilson County Board of Education Policies 7400, 7401 and 7402 on facility rentals and:

  1. Meet with prospective renter to determine availability of requested space and answer questions concerning the Facility Rental Manual.
  2. Complete the appropriate sections of the Facility Rental Application after it is submitted.
  3. Collect the appropriate fee.
  4. In the “Special Conditions” section of the application, note any special arrangements you require from the renter such as the presence of uniformed police for security, repair of field, return of furniture to original place, etc.
  5. Send the completed application and the rental fee to the Executive Director of Administrative Services.  If necessary, submit over ride request.
  6. Assign personnel needed according to the time specified on the application and submit personnel time sheet to Payroll Services.

Executive  Director  –  Administrative  Services  - Upon receipt of the completed application

  1. Review the application form for signature and adherence to policy and regulations related to facility rental and usage.
  2. Co-sign the application and return a copy to the principal/designee with a receipt for the rental fee.
  3. Maintain records on all transactions and facility rental and usage.
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