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Safety and Security


Aside from educating students, the safety of our students and staff is one of the main priorities of  Wilson County Schools. A District Crisis Team was formed in January 2013 to look at current procedures, research best practices and make adjustments to emergency plans.  This team quickly expanded and now has representation from the school system as well as law enforcement, the fire department, emergency management, social services and emergency medical services.  The District Crisis Team meets monthly to ensure that procedures and best practices are being implemented to keep our staff and students safe. 

What's New This Year?
- Working on an app that parents/staff could download to recieve push notifications in emergencies or inclement weather
- CPR/AED training offered for all interested staff members at no cost
- Table Top Incident Scenarios conducted by Wilson County Emergency Management with all school-level Incident Command Teams


2013-2014 Accomplishments
- Buzz-in systems installed at the front door of every school 
- School Emergency plans updated
- Safety assessments conducted at each school and feedback given to principals on best practices and suggested improvements
- Emergency bags filled with important documents and items needed in an evacuation supplied to every classroom
- Picture ID badges distributed and worn by staff at all times
- CPR/AED training offered for all interested staff members at no cost
- Incident Command Teams identified at each school
- Panic buttons installed in schools to notify law enforcement in an emergency

2014-2015 Accomplishments
- Crisis Night meetings held in the schools to collaborate with parents 
- Safety Symposium organized for School Incident Command Teams to continue safety training
- Safety Parent Advisory Committee formed to meet monthly with senior leadership and provide feedback about school safety  
- Intercom systems assessed to ensure announcements can be heard in all areas
- Stop arm cameras placed on 105 of 128 buses 
- Communication procedures assessed to ensure parents are receiving the information they need in emergencies 
- The Director’s Award awarded to WCS from NC Emergency Management in recognition of being one of the safest school districts in the state
- The first Active Assailant Training Exercise held in collaboration with law enforcement and other partners to simulate an active shooter in a school 

2015-2016 Accomplishments
- Parent Reunification Training Exercise held in collaboration with law enforcement to simulate reunifying parents and children.  It was the first exercise of its kind in the state.
- Training of Central Office Staff to assist schools with Parent Reunification
- Regular meetings with School Resource Officers to discuss best practices
- Enhanced evacuation and shelter drills to test responses
- Training for bus drivers and ALL students to adhere to new state policy regarding bus safety -


2016-2017 Accomplishments
- Meeting with staff for input, feedback and new ideas related to all safety practices that have been put in place since 2013
- Gathering feedback from parents and students about safety updates through meetings and surveys
- Re-training hundreds of school staff in CPR/AED
- Replacing 10 outdated buses with new ones
- Enhancing emergency response process

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