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iPad FAQ
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What’s New?

1.  Technology Fee
A technology fee of $30 has been approved by the Board of Education to cover the costs associated with sustaining the iPad project in the middle schools. This fee will also cover any normal repairs that are incurred with the iPad over the course of the year at no additional charge to the family. 

iPads in the Classroom

1.  Are iPads required?
Yes. Every middle school student must be issued an iPad. Teachers will use the iPads during instruction in the classroom. Content, textbooks and resources will be found on the iPad. This makes the iPad a necessity for your child’s education in the classroom and at home. Students may opt to bring their personal iPad from home instead of receiving a school-issued iPad.

2.  Will Wilson County Schools replace textbooks with digital content?
Wilson County Schools is currently in a period of transition from sole dependency on textbooks to a digital environment that allows access to a much greater range of educational materials and experiences. Teachers and other WCS staff will research the most appropriate e-textbooks for middle school courses.  Teachers are also developing iBooks to add to the Wilson County iTunes U Site.

3.  Will all textbooks be available on the iPad?
Textbook publishers are transitioning to digital textbooks. The iPads will be equipped with the textbooks that are available in that format as they become available. Discovery Ed Science Techbook is the latest addition for middle school students.

4.  How will teachers keep students from playing games on the iPad during class?
Teachers have always had the task of managing the classroom and student performance - even before iPads were introduced. Classroom management will be key in the success of the iPads. However, teachers can also use the iPads as another way to teach students about responsibility and staying on task.

5.  What kind of firewalls are in place to keep students from visiting graphic websites or downloading inappropriate content?
During the school day, the Wilson County Schools network has a security component that will limit the access that students have to inappropriate websites. Age restrictions will also be put on the applications (apps) that can be purchased on the iPads. Teachers can also use the iPads as another way to teach students about responsibility and appropriate behavior. At home, the responsibility lies with the student and the parents.

6.  Will students receive the same iPad each year? 
Yes. Students will keep the same iPad throughout their middle school experience or until Wilson County Schools enters into another lease with Apple or another company, which would provide students with new and updated device.

7.  Will the iPads be equipped with internet access all the time?
No. The iPads are wi-fi enabled and will have access to the internet where wi-fi is available.

8.  Will iPads be used for testing?
Yes, this is an option for middle schools. The North Carolina Department of Instruction has made it possible to administer some state assessments on iPads. Teachers may also use iPads to assess students in the classroom.

9.  What is the life span of the iPad’s battery?
iPad batteries have a life span of 10 hours when fully charged. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the device is fully charged when coming to school. Normally it takes two hours for the device to go from 0 percent to 100 percent charged.

10. How will assignments be saved and backed up on the iPad?
Students will save assignments to the iPad by using a Dropbox account, Google Drive, Edmodo or Gmail.

iPads at Home (Management/Accountability) 

1.  Can students take the iPads home?
Yes. Students will need to take the iPads home in order to complete homework assignments and projects. The iPad is a personal device and allows students to store notes, handouts, books, instructional videos and a large variety of other apps that are designed to help students.

2.  Is internet access required at home?
No. Students will be able to complete homework assignments at home offline and turn in their work when they return to school the next day. However, while not required, having internet access at home will assist students in conducting research and collaborating with teachers and classmates outside of the classroom.

3.  Can students bring their own iPad from home?
Yes. Students may bring their own iPad from home. If a student opts to use their own iPad, the family will be responsible for downloading required apps/content. This list will be available from the classroom teacher. If a required app has a cost associated with it, the Instructional Technology Facilitator will provide the codes needed and work with the student to make sure they are installed. If a student chooses to bring his/her own iPad, the student must notify the media coordinator and sign a new agreement specific to bringing an iPad from home, known as a BYOD Policy. If the student previously had a school issued iPad, this iPad must be returned to the media coordinator before approval can be given for using their own device.

Device Management 

1.  What will happen if an iPad is stolen or lost? Who pays for the new one if it is not the fault of the student?
The iPad is the responsibility of the student. All iPads will be bar coded and inscribed and the device will be checked out to the student. School leadership will determine responsibility for lost or stolen iPads and each situation will be handled depending on the individual circumstances at the student's school.

2.  How much does it cost if the iPad is damaged or broken beyond repair?
If an iPad is repairable, and the student has paid the technology fee, there is no charge to families for the repair. If the technology fee was not paid, a list of repair costs was included in the iPad AUP. If the iPad cannot be repaired, the replacement cost is $425.93. Wilson County Schools will have extra iPads to loan to students while their device is being repaired.

3.  What if parents cannot afford to have the iPad repaired or replaced?
WCS has arranged repair coverage as part of the technology fee to cut down on costs. If a family needs financial assistance, the school will work with the family to develop a payment plan. 

iTunes Store

1.  Is a credit card required to download and install software that will be used in the classroom?
No. Wilson County Schools will load the necessary apps for instruction on each iPad.

2.  Can personal apps or music be loaded onto the iPads?
No, if the school has restricted the downloading of apps and the use of the iTunes Store.

Yes, if the school has not restricted iTunes. Students are permitted to use the device for personal use within certain guidelines. It is the student’s responsibility to use their own apps/music at appropriate times. 

3.  If students load personal content/apps on an iPad, will it be lost when the school syncs the device?
If a student’s personal content/apps are stored in the Apple iCloud, he/she will not lose the content. For more information on the iCloud, visit

For additional information, refer to the Student/Parent Handbook or contact the school principal.

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