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Technology FAQs

YouTube Videos

 Q:  How do teachers view videos from Youtube with their class?

 A:  All teachers logged into the network as themselves, have rights to access videos on Youtube. If you need to share a video with your class and need assistance contact your Insructional Technology Facilitator. Remember, having students store videos on devices for offline viewing will use a great deal of memory. Be sure create a procedure for having students delete videos once they are no longer needed. With a little planning, incorporating videos to assist in your educational goals, can be a smooth process.




Blocked Websites

 Q:  How do teachers gain access to blocked websites?

 A:  When in comes to internet access, all teachers logged in as themselves have higher rights than students do, so it is important to test any links on the school campus prior to assuming everyone has equal access to all sites. When a teacher feels a blocked site needs to be opened, an internet modification form must be filled out, signed by the principal and then faxed to the technology department to the attention of Brian Wagner. Please keep in mind to plan well in advance for the needed approval.  We will do everything to grant the request, however sites are put into categories and may be blocked because by allowing a particular site, a catgegory has to be opened, which may not be in the best interest of all students or keep us in compliance with federal CIPA regulations. The form can be found on the technology department documents or by clicking the link below and viewing the section labeled "Other". 

Internet Access Modification Request


Google Classroom FAQs

Q: I'm having problems with Google Classroom. Where do I go for help?

A: Go to the following link Google Classroom Support or of course contact your Instructional Technology Facilltator. 



Q:  Where did my emails go?

A:  ALL MAIL – Click for older emails (sent or received) or email you wanted to save.

Q:  I did not finish an email but want to send it now.  Did I need to save before closing?

A:  You do not have to save. If you compose an email and do not finish or send, it will be saved in your “Drafts” tab.

Q:  I have another Gmail account.  Do I have to use the WCS-issued Gmail? 

A:  Yes, it is recommended to use the issued account. 

Q:  Can I view my additional Gmail account while still using my school Gmail?

A:  Yes, you just have to add an account and you can toggle between accounts by clicking on your address in the upper right corner.

Q How do I add my signature to emails?

A:  Click on the gear, then click settings, scroll down and find the signature option

Q:  What are labels? 

A:  Labels make it easy to organize your emails.  Through the use of colors, your labels will stand out when viewing your email.

QWhy don’t my emails show in order as they come?

A:  Gmail’s default view is to put emails with the same subject into chunks called conversations.  This is to organize emails.

Q Can I set my Gmail account to show the emails in order as they come instead of in conversations? 

A:  Yes, go to the gear, click on settings. scroll down and look for:  Conversation View. Choose “Conversation view off”



Google Calendar

Q:  Does Google Calendar have event reminders?

A:  Yes, by default, Google Calendar displays a pop-up reminder 10 minutes before an event. You can change the reminder time by editing the settings for your calendar.

Q:  I set up reminders but still don't see them. Why not?

A:  To receive event reminders, make sure your calendar window is open.

Q:  Can I show more than one time zone on my calendar?

A:  Yes, you can view two time zones in Google Calendar. To add another time zone to your calendar view, click Settings. On the General tab, under your current time zone, select another time zone in the additional time zone list.

Q:  Can I edit just one instance of a meeting in a recurring meeting?

A: Yes. Open the instance that you want to edit, make your changes and click Save. Google Calendar then asks you whether you want to apply your changes to just the selected meeting, all meetings or all meetings moving forward.

Q:  Can I attach files to a meeting invitation?

A:  Yes. The best way to do this is by enabling the event attachments in your calendar settings. After that, an add attachment link becomes available. Click the link to either attach a Google Doc or upload any other type of file from your computer or network (such as a Microsoft Office document, PDF, etc.). Note that you have to share any Google Doc you attach with guests for them to view the attachment. 

Q:  What level of access do others have to my calendar?

A:  If you share your calendar with everyone at your domain, you can specify whether they can see only free/busy information or all event details. You can also share your calendar with specific people and give them one of the following levels of access:

  •  See free/busy information only
  •  See all event details
  •  Make changes to your calendar
  •  Make changes and share your calendar with others 

Q:  If I want to access my manager's calendar, does that person need to give me permission?

A: Yes, if you want to access another employee's calendar, that person must give you permission by editing the settings for the calendar.

Q:  If someone shares their calendar with me, can I hide the calendar?     

A: Yes, you can hide the calendar by clicking on it in your list of calendars on the left of your calendar view.

Q:  If I'm invited to a meeting, can I propose a new time for it?

A:  Not directly. But there's an easy workaround. First, open the invitation and under Are You Coming?, select Maybe. Then do one of the following: 

  • To propose a new time to the host only, enter your proposal in the Add a Note field. 
  • To propose a new time to all the attendees, click the Email guests link in the upper-right corner to send your new proposal in an email message to one or more attendees.



Smart Board

Q: Where do I go to download the software and what version do I get?

A: Download current paid version from this site. Downloads There are many options for different parts of the software. Only download the SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and the product drivers. As a county, we have not purchased any other parts. Please remember if you upgrade to the paid versions, it is a yearly fee to continue to recieve updates. Most sites are choosing to remain at the last unpaid version of the software, with a few schools purchasing their own licenses to continue to receive the latest updates. This is a decision each school makes and is not a district decision.

Q: My board is not working.  Is there anything I can do to try to fix it? 

A: Yes, there are useful tips on the following link and a button for support to directly contact a Smart Technician. You can tell them the problem you are having, and they will give you specific advice. You may be able to have your board working faster than the time it takes to put a workorder ticket into our system.

Smartboard Technical Support

Smartboard Manual

Discussion Boards

Q: Can I have Smartboard software on my computer at home?

A: The way the Notebook software licensing works is if you or your organization has purchased a SMART Hardware Product (almost any hardware product), everyone within your organization is entitled to install and use the Notebook Software.


Q: Can I connect an Interwrite pad to my computer that has SmartNotebook Software?

A: You can attempt to connect your computer to any interactive product, Smart or otherwise, and conduct use of the Notebook software and the board drivers. Of course, you are connecting your computer to a piece of non-Smart hardware, such as an Interwrite pad, which is most likely considered a "legacy Device", meaning it will have unsupported and outdated components, and all the benefits of the software will not be available.  Occasionally, a conflict in the two products may result in your computer freezing and locking up. If this happens, the two products are not compatible. 



CPS eInstruction Classroom Clickers

Considered Legacy Devices and are no longer supported. You may continue to use them as long as they are working with your computer, but eventually you will find you will have to phase CPS Clickers out. Your Instructional Technology Facilitator can share other options with you.  

Q. Where can I find information about setting up my CPS, adding classes, adding content, making team lessons and managing my data/reports?

A. Visit eInstruction's Resources site.     

Q. What if my desktop is running a lower version of CPS? (version 5.0, 5.4, 5.62)

A. While these aren't eInstruction's latest versions, we still may need to use them on some of our desktops. These versions work much like the higher versions, except a separate device manager is not installed when they are downloaded. If you have an Interwrite board, these CPS versions work well with version 7.03 of Interwrite.

Q: How do I create a class for my CPS clickers?

A: Choose the classes tab from the menu bar. Click on the K-12 option. Click no for CPS online. Enter your teacher information. Enter your class information. Click Done to finish the creation of your class.

Q: Can I import a PowerPoint lesson with the CPS clickers?

A: Yes. Create your lesson in PowerPoint with your questions and save.  Open CPS on the computer. Click on the lessons tab.  Highlight PowerPoint folder. Right click and choose add file.  Choose the location where the PowerPoint was saved.  Click add file.

Q: Now that I've used my eInstruction clickers, how can I gather the Assessment data?

A: Open the report tab. Click Generate. Choose the student group you want to include in the report. Choose the type of report. Print the report.



Interwrite Software and Tutorials

Considered Legacy Devices and are no longer supported. You may continue to use them as long as they are working with your computer, but eventually you will find you will have to phase these boards out.

Q. Where can I find tutorials on how to use my Interwrite board/software?

A. Visit eInstruction's resources page.  Click here for version 8.0 tutorials.  Click here for another good resource for version 8.  For older versions of Interwrite such as 7.X, you may find this site useful:  Click here




Q: I'm having problems with Edmodo. Where do I go for help?

A: Go to the following link or contact your Instructional Technology Facilitator.

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