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Number of Schools 26
(14 Elementary, 6 Middle, 3 Traditional High, 2 Early
Colleges and 1 Alternative School)

Enrollment 11,901
Number of Students in grades K-5: 5,604
Number of Students in grades 6-8:  2,646
Number of Students in grades 9-12: 3,651

Ethnic Distribution
Black 45%
White 31%
Other 24%

Average Daily Attendance 95.5%

Students Classified as Exceptional 1,037
Students Classified as AIG (April 2017) 732

Students served in School-Age Child Care 608 
(After school) 437
(Before school) 148
(Daycare) 23

Number of High School Graduates 836
Percent Attending Public Sr. Institutions 28.3%
Percent Attending Private Institutions 10.3%
Percent Attending Community Colleges 38.6%
Percent Attending Private Jr. Colleges 0.5%
Percent Attending Trade, Business, etc. 0.8%
Percent Entering the Military 6.5%
Percent Entering the Workforce 14.2%
Percent Undecided 0.7%

Total Number of Licensed Personnel 897
Total Number of Classified Personnel 623
Total Number of Employees 1,520

2016-17 Total Budget $120,648,749
State 60%
Local 17%
Federal 10%
Capital Outlay 3%
Child Nutrition 6%
NC Network .5%
Afterschool Care Program 1%
Local Special Revenue 2.5%

Per Pupil Expenditure: $8,821.64

State Average Teacher Salary
(with benefits) $62,368

Number of Buses Operated 112
Number of Students Transported Daily 5,136
Number of Miles Per Year (estimated) 1,532,327

Average of Daily Breakfast Meals 4,775
Average of Daily Lunch Meals 7,925
Average of After-School Snacks (month) 5,660
Percent of Students Eligible for Free Meals 
(does not include CEP schools) 47%
Percent of Students Eligible for Reduced Meals 
(does not include CEP schools) 6%

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