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Wilson Education Partnership Programs

WEP Programs & Activities for 2016-2017 

(WCS = Wilson County Schools; CTE = Career & Technical Education; WAAT = Wilson Academy of Applied Technology)


Student Support – College & Career Readiness

Aviation Expo – October 13

  • Field trip for select JROTC & CTE students to Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport to learn about aviation-related careers. 
  • Coordinated with Kelly Lindsey & JROTC instructors. 
  • Sponsored by Airport.
  • Target audience – 160 high school students
  • Anticipated outcome - Use this as a template to create similar experiences for students to learn about careers in other industries/fields/content areas.  

Job Shadowing – February 2 (National Groundhog Job Shadow Day) 

  • Expanding on pilot program hosted in 2016 (with 13 students and 13 businesses)
  • Provide selected high school Juniors the chance to spend a day shadowing a career of their interest at a local business site. 
  • WCS coordinator Kelly Lindsey will work with high schools to select eligible students in early fall via an application process
  • Students will identify career interests & Kelly will provide list of careers to WEP before Christmas. 
  • WEP will recruit & orient host businesses. 
  • WCS will prepare students for experience. 
  • WEP will coordinate schedule for Feb 2 and will host a kick-off breakfast for all students & shadowing hosts. 
  • Target audience – 35- 40 high school students.
  • Anticipated outcome – identify eligible students and interested work sites for WCS Internship Program; continue to expand Job Shadowing for more students. 

How It’s Made in Wilson Kits (all year) 

  • Expand on prototype kit created by Bridgestone and piloted with Jones Elem. School with 5th grade
  • WEP collaborating with Wilson Economic Development Council (WEDC) to create a branded logo/name
  • After brand development, WEP will contact local manufacturers to explain the kits and invite them to create kit contents that represent their industry (fall 2016).
  • In coordination with WCS (Susan Bullock), WEP will identify teachers/instructional leaders to develop lesson plans for each kit. 
  • WEP coordinate with WEDC to provide information about Wilson County manufacturers, jobs, etc for inclusion in all kits.
  • WEP will purchase plastic tubs and notebooks (for lesson plans, information, etc.).
  • WEP may need to provide stipends to pay educators for lesson plan development.
  • WEDC will provide labels and other consistent marketing materials
  • Lesson plans to be developed by WCS instructional leaders
  • Target audience – all elementary schools; Target implementation – Kits available for schools to use by mid-spring semester 2017. 
  • Goal – add more kits from industries (and other businesses) annually. 


Educator Support

Teacher & Principal of the Year Recognition (TOY & POY) 

  • WEP board members participate in selection process for TOY and POY in the spring (read portfolios, interviews, school visits). 
  • 20+ years WEP provides cash awards - $500 to each winner & $100 to two finalists ($1400 total). 
  • WEP coordinates cruise package award for TOY, beginning in 2016. 
  • WEP sponsors a luncheon (or other event as determined with WCS) to celebrate TOY’s from all schools. 

The Simon Awards

  • WEP pays for medallions that all finalists receive and trophies for winners (since 2011 average $1,200)


  • Reccreated minigrant program for educators in 2015-2016; invested $7982.34 in 8 grants.  
  • (Previously, WEP sponsored a grant program 1989-2002, investing more than $155,850 in classrooms.)
  • Grant applications and guidelines are released to schools in early September, with grant selection and awards to be made later in the fall semester. 
  • Grant budget:  $25,000 ($10,000 Merck Health & Wellness Grants; $15,000 College and Career Readiness Grants) 

Teacher Externships (WAAT Staff Development) 

  • WEP collaborated with WAAT to provide training in July 2016 for new WAAT staff, including a Teacher Externship Experience with local manufacturing hosts.
  • WEP recruited 7 industry partners who funded externships and related staff retreat expenses, stipends for teachers and supply funds to implement project-based learning activities for students.
  • Anticipated outcome – using feedback from educators and industry hosts, WEP will create a Teacher Externship Program to be implemented in 2017 summer. 
  • Target audience – any additional WAAT teachers plus teachers from other schools/content areas and additional worksites to host teacher externs.


  • WEP board members participate with WCS in Gratitours, regularly scheduled visits to every school to personally thank school employees. 
  • WEP provides a small gift for each school  (motivational cards, candy, etc.)


Other programs to support students/educators to be identified by WEP committees in collaboration with WCS


Funding & Donor Development/Recognition

Fundraising Events 

  • Masquerade $5 Jewelry Sales; promote to WCS employees & General Public; WEP gets % of sales
  • Adult Spelling Bee - Anticipate teams from all schools & community/businesses.  All proceeds benefit WEP.  WCS provides facility & some implementation support.
  • In harmony - Involves all chorus students from Beddingfield, Fike & Hunt plus 100 – 120 middle school students from all middle schools.  WEP funds guest choreographer & donates $500 to each high school chorus; ticket sale proceeds after expenses go to WEP 

Donor Recognition

  • WEP selects recipient & presents Jim & Carolyn Hunt Friend of Education Award annually
  • Since 2014, WEP co-sponsors with WCS annual year-end Community Partners Celebration breakfast

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