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Work-Based Learning
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Work-Based Learning Opportunities In Wilson County Schools

Cooperative education is a method of instruction where technical classroom instruction is combined with paid employment that is directly related to the classroom instruction. The two experiences must be planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student’s career objective/major and employability. Written cooperative agreements showing the instruction to be provided are developed by the school and employer providing the training. School credit is received for both the on-the- job training and the classroom components. Cooperative Education last for the entire semester. The student is released from school at 1pm every day to be allowed to report to work. Marketing CO-OP is taken at the same time as another Marketing course. The student receives one credit for each course. 

An internship is a work-based learning experience where a student participates in the daily operations of a work site under the direct supervision of a business mentor. The internship provides a realistic environment within which a student intern learns about a particular industry or occupation and applies knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. The work experience should contribute to the student’s career pathway helping the student to narrow their career choices. Internships should take place over a semester students should be able to obtain at least 135 contact hours during the course of their internship.

CTE Internship is taken for a one semester credit and can be repeated.

Job Shadowing is a short-term educational experience that introduces an individual student to a particular job or career by pairing the student with an employee of a business, industry, or agency. By following or shadowing the employee, the student becomes familiar with the duties associated with that occupation, the physical setting of the occupation, and the compatibility of  the occupation with his or her own career goals These work based learning opportunities can be limited to one day a week, once a month , or 5 days in one week. This program is very flexible.

CTE Advanced Studies is taken for one semester credit, other Level II courses can offer a short job shadow if it can be arranged.

If you are a student who is interested in participating in this program, please contact the Career Development Coordinator at high school. They are Jean Hall at Fike High School, Melody Parker-Eatmon at Hunt High School, and Kelly Lindsey at Beddingfield High School.

If you are a business who is interested in participating in Work-Based Learning, please contact our Work-Based Learning Coordinator at (252) 290-2628.

The Wilson County Schools Internship Handbook is available here.


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