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Parental Statement of Rights - Step by Step
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Parental Statement of Rights - Step by Step

Parental Statement of Rights

Levels 1 - 6


Level 1:  The first procedure should involve a conference with the parent, classroom teacher, and/or AIG Specialist to resolve the issue.


Level 2:  If the issue is not resolved, a conference with the Principal should be scheduled. 


Level 3:  If a disagreement persists, the Coordinator for the AIG Program is consulted. 


Level 4:  If this issue is not resolved at this level, a conference with the Assistant Superintendents/Superintendent should be arranged. 


Level 5:  If no resolution has been made, the Board of Education reviews the issue.


Level 6:  If resolution is still pending, the parent has the right to petition an Administrative Law Judge whose decision is final.


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