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Discovery Day
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This year, AIG Discovery Day was held at “A Time for Science” in Grifton, NC, just south of Greenville.  Students went on either the 4th/5th grade trip or the 6th-8th grade trip.  Through four rotating stations, students explored ecosystems (grades 4-5) or the hydrosphere (grades 6-8).  

Elementary students explored three different ecosystems and discovered the plants and animals that call these areas home. They learned about adaptations, predator-prey relationships, energy needs, and tools used to gather scientific information. 

Middle school students tested water for pH, nitrates, and turbidity.  They participated in a simulation of macro invertebrates to determine the health of three different streams.  They used nets to dip into a pond to find live macro invertebrates (and a few vertebrates such as baby turtles and crawdads!).  They hiked a lake trail to see vertebrates that live in that ecosystem.  

Most of all, the students had a lot of fun being outside in nature on a beautiful spring day and interacting with other AIG students across Wilson County.  The staff complimented our students on their excellent questions, great behavior, and engagement in the activities.  The experience exceeded our expectations and will probably be a destination for future AIG Discovery Days!

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