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In signing the Facility Rental Application, the renter agrees to the following regulations:

  1. The renter shall assume responsibility for all damage to school buildings, equipment and facilities caused by the renter’s use or directly attributed to the renter’s use.  The renter also agrees to be responsible for all claims to persons or property that may arise out of the use of the facility or equipment.
  2. The consumption, use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited on school property.
  3. The use of tobacco products shall not be permitted inside the building or on Wilson County Schools property.
  4. An adult supervisor, approved by the principal, must be in attendance at all times to accept responsibility for:       
     - opening and closing of the facility;
     - the care of the school facility and equipment;
     - the conduct of the group using the facility; and 
     - confining the group’s activities to the areas assigned.
  5. Police and fire protection may be required if deemed necessary by school officials. The cost of this protection will be assumed by the renter.
  6. No concessions will be allowed without specific permission of the principal.
  7. Cotton  batting,  straw,  flammable  tissue,  dry  leaves  or  other  highly  flammable materials may not be used for decorative purposes.
  8. Before leaving a school facility, the areas used shall be clean and all furniture and equipment shall be left in readiness for the regular day classes unless previous arrangements are made.  (Additional charges will be levied if school personnel have to clean the facilities.)
  9. The renter may use only the portion of the facility that is rented.  All other areas are restricted.
  10. The renter may not use food service equipment without the supervision of a Wilson County Schools Food Service Employee.
  11. The user must provide adequate insurance coverage to protect the participants and attendees during this event.
  12. Failure to adhere to these regulations will result in a suspension of rental privileges by school officials.
  13. The renter must agree to abide by the procedures and regulations described in the Facility Rental Manual and on the Facility Rental Application and understand that failure to do so will suspend all of the rental privileges of a Wilson County Schools facility and may require additional charges.

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