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Facts & Figures

Number of Schools - 26 (14 Elementary, 6 Middle, 3 Traditional High, 2 Early
                                   Colleges and 1 Alternative School)

Enrollment (1st month, 2016-17) - 12,075
Number of Students in grades K-5 - 5,591
Number of Students in grades 6-8 - 2,649
Number of Students in grades 9-12 - 3,835

Ethnic Distribution (1st month, 2016-17):
Black - 45%
White - 31%
Other - 24%

Average Daily Attendance, 2016-17 - 96.7%

Students Classified as Exceptional - 1,093
Students Classified as AIG - 735

Students served in School-Age Child Care - 610
(After school) 448
(Before school) 162

2015-16 Number of High School Graduates - 800
Percent Attending Public Sr. Institutions - 29%
Percent Attending Private Institutions - 11.6%
Percent Attending Community Colleges - 36.5%
Percent Attending Private Jr. Colleges - 0.5%
Percent Attending Trade, Business, etc. - 0.4%
Percent Entering the Military - 7.6%
Percent Entering the Workforce - 12%
Percent Undecided - 2.4%

Total Number of Licensed Personnel - 925
Total Number of Classified Personnel - 635
Total Number of Employees - 1,560

Total Operating Budget, 2016-17 - $120,648,749
State - 60%
Local - 17%
Federal - 10%
Capital Outlay - 3%
Child Nutrition - 6%
NC Network - .5%
Afterschool Care Program - 1%
Local Special Revenue - 2.5%

2015-16 Per Pupil Expenditure: - $8,516

2016-17 State Average Teacher Salary (with benefits) - $62,368

Number of Buses Operated - 112
Number of Students Transported Daily - 5,136
Number of Miles Per Year (estimated) - 1,532,327

Average of Daily Breakfast Meals - 3,775
Average of Daily Lunch Meals - 6,725
Average of After-School Snacks (month) - 5,829
Percent of Students Eligible for Free Meals (does not include CEP schools) - 48%
Percent of Students Eligible for Reduced Meals (does not include CEP schools) - 6%

Mission, Vision & Beliefs


The mission of Wilson County Schools is to provide an educational environment which creates success for all students through the community working together. 


Wilson County Schools is a place where students participate in an educational environment in which they are engaged and empowered in their learning and graduate as responsible citizens prepared to compete in the global economy.  Collectively, students, educators, families and community members commit to becoming lifelong learners and ensuring students are prepared for success and equipped with the skills to pursue their dreams.


Belief Statements:

  1. Educators set high expectations that drive learning and coursework to be rigorous, engaging and aligned with college and career readiness.
  2. Student achievement and success should not be predictable by race, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status.
  3. Educators believe in and share the responsibility for the development of the whole child.
  4. All stakeholders share responsibility for promoting a culture of integrity, honor and respect.
  5. Effective family and community partnerships are a cornerstone of the educational experience.

 Wilson County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, religion, sex or disability.


For information on how to enroll your child(ren), please click here.

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School Hours & Calendars

Elementary Schools  7:55 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Middle Schools  8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

High Schools 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


To view or print the 2017-2018 Student Calendar, click here.

To view or print the 2017-2018 Wilson Early College Calendar, click here.



About Wilson

Wilson County is located in eastern North Carolina.  Spread across a total area of 373 sq. miles, the county has a population of more than 78,000.  Wilson County continues to attract families from surrounding areas.  The quality of life and excellent education programs are two of the greatest resources available to those wishing to relocate to a vibrant community.  Parents, students, staff and community members have formed an alliance that ensures that every child will be successful in the 21st century.


Volunteers can complete a volunteer application by following the link below: 

The first time you access the system you will need to click on the registration link to register your email address and create a password.  Click on the green “New to the App-Garden?  Click Here to Register”.  

You will receive an e-mail confirming your e-mail address.  Then, go to your email and click on the link in the email to access the registration page.  Once the application is submitted, you will receive an email that the application is submitted.   Background checks will be initiated if needed based on the activity level selected.  An email will notify the volunteers when they are approved. 

Thank you for volunteering in Wilson County Schools!  You contributions are invaluable!

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