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Cyber Safety


Cyberbullying and Reporting Cyber Abuse


Cyber Safety Tips
Written by students

1.    Set passwords that only you know

2.    Do not accept friend requests from strangers

3.    On your phone, set passwords for apps that may contain important personal information

4.    Be wary of what you posting (ex. pictures, test posts, rants) These things stay in cyberspace forever!

5.    Do not post things about others without their consent

6.    Ask for permission before tagging a person in a post or picture

7.    Put the correct age on your biography on social media

8.    Don’t post or text anything that you wouldn’t say to a person face-to-face

9.    Allow your parents access so that they can keep tabs on what you are posting or texting

10. Use privacy settings on social media

11. Don’t talk to people you haven’t met in real life

12. Do not post your phone number, address, or other personal details online where others can see it

13. If a friend asks for it, send it in a private message

14. Do not send embarrassing pictures or videos of yourself or your friends to others – do not post them on social media either

15. Don’t post photos while holding drug paraphernalia – this can affect admission to college and the ability to get a job

16. Colleges/employers  can see what you post, so keep that in mind

17.  If you don’t know the number, don’t keep the conversation going in text

18. Do not fill out your birthday, full name or hometown on social media sites

19. Log out of accounts when you aren’t using them

20. Report any cyber bullying, inappropriate contents or other harmful posts

21. Do make social media your entire life – enjoy the friends you see everyday

22. Stay away from bad profiles – people judge you based on your “friends”

23. Always spread positivity

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