School-Aged Childcare

  • Wilson County Schools offers Before-School Care and After-School Care for students through its School-Aged Childcare Enrichment Program when there is enough interest at a school. Both programs offer safe and affordable childcare for parents. Application forms are available at WCS Central Office (117 NE Tarboro St., Wilson). For additional assistance or information, please call Director Amy Deans at (252) 399-7714 or

Before-School Care Program (BSP)

  • Locations: Jones, Lucama, New Hope, Rock Ridge, Wells and Vinson-Bynum Elementary Schools. Forest Hills and Springfield Middle Schools. 

    Dates:  The program begins on the first day of school and continues for the 185 days that children are enrolled in school. The program is closed on holidays, teacher workdays and inclement weather days.

    Fees:  There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $10 per child and a weekly rate of $8 per child. Fees are subject to change.

      The BSP operates at elementary schools from 6:30 - 7:30 a.m. and at middle schools from 7 - 8 a.m. The program runs Monday through Friday.

After-School Care Enrichment Program (ASCEP)

  • Locations: Frederick Douglass, Gardners, Jones, Lee Woodars, Lucama, New Hope, Rock Ridge, Stantonsburg, Vinson-Bynum and Wells Elementary Schools.

    Regular school days:  3 - 6 p.m.
    Teacher Workdays:  7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Closed on holidays.

    Rates and Fees:
    ASCEP Weekly Rate: $45 for one child, $85 for two children and $125 for three children in the same family. 
    NOTE: The tuition for a three-day week is full charge. However, there is no charge for a two-day school calendar week and no additional charge for an early release day (5 hours) or a teacher workday (10.5 hours).
    Registration Fee:  A nonrefundable registration fee of $10 per child
    Activities Fee - A fee may be required for special activities (field trips, for example).
    Late Payment Fee - A $5 fee will be charged for any late tuition payment
    ASCEP Late Pickup Fee - A $1 late fee will be charged per minute beginning at 6:01 pm.

    Returned Check Policy:
    A $25 fee will be charged for any returned check. A second returned check will result in all future payments being made in money orders. Any returned check that is not paid within one week from the returned check notice date will be forwarded to our collection agency.

    Payment Procedures - (Check/Money Order Only):
    Monthly: by the first school day of each month
    Weekly: by the first school day of each week
    (If payment is not received at this time, a late fee of $5 will be assessed. Services will be suspended if total payment is not made by Friday. Credit will not be extended.)
    NOTE: Make all checks and money orders payable to WILSON COUNTY SCHOOLS.     

    IRS Statements:
    Parents should keep a record of their checks as an accurate account of their child-care expenses. Wilson County Schools' tax ID number is 56-6001134.

  • Additional Information for the After-School Care Enrichment Program

    If the student is absent because of illness, appointments, etc., fees will not be returned or prorated. Arrangements can be made for extended absences of two weeks or more.

    When a child needs medication, a parent is required to follow the procedures listed below.

    1.   Fill out a medication consent form.
    2.   Send only prescription medicine with instructions, in its original container, and child's   name on the label.
    3.   Inform the site director when medicine is to be discontinued.
    4.   Send a written notice of any allergies (medicine or food) to the site director.

    ASCEP parents are required to enter the school building to pick up their children. Children will be released only to an authorized adult.  Parents must advise the school in writing for someone other than an authorized adult to pick up their child. Proper identification will be required of anyone to whom the student will be released. Parents who intend to pick up their children before the school day ends should notify the site director by leaving a note in the ASCEP mailbox in the school office. The school absentee report will notify the staff whenever a student is absent a full day.    

    Adventures in Learning, a curriculum developed by N.C. State University and  the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service, will be used again this year. Enrichment activities will support the N.C. Standard Course of Study.

    Students are expected to comply with all regular school rules and regulations. The site director will post and explain rules concerning acceptable behavior. When unacceptable behavior occurs, students may have their names called aloud or if unacceptable behavior persists, students will be isolated from the group, and the parents will be informed of the problem. If unacceptable behavior continues, students will be placed on a discipline contract. Unacceptable behavior that might cause harm to others in the program will be reason for dismissal. Corporal punishment will not be used as a form of discipline nor will food and rest be denied as punishment.


    Dismissal will occur at any time a child’s behavior is determined to be detrimental to his or her own well-being or to the well-being of others in the program. Habitual lateness of parents after the scheduled closing time and failure to pay promptly for services may result in dismissal. Dismissal may occur whenever parents or children exhibit inappropriate behavior (physical or verbal abuse) toward the staff. Whenever that behavior occurs in the presence of ASCEP students, dismissal will be automatic.

    School-day guidelines for dress and appearance apply to both students and staff in the ASCEP (Wilson County Board of Education Policy 6401,Student Dress and Appearance, and Policy 3006/4006, Staff Dress and Appearance).

    If a child becomes ill, the parents or authorized adults will be called to pick up the child as soon as possible. All parents must provide an emergency number that can be called if the parents cannot be reached.

    After-School Care will not operate on days school is closed because of adverse weather conditions. After-School Care will not operate when school is dismissed early because of inclement weather.

    ASCEP does not provide accident/medical insurance for any participant in the program. Insurance coverage for any student is the sole responsibility of the parent.

    Parents are an integral part of the ASCEP and are encouraged to become involved in planning, implementing and evaluating activities. Parents may visit the program and are encouraged to become involved in various ASCEP activities. 

    By North Carolina law, caregivers are required to report suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect. If such a situation should arise, the director will report it to the Wilson County Department of Social Services.

    Program salaries, supplies and administrative expenses are supported entirely by fees. The Wilson County school system provides space, utilities and custodial services as an in-kind donation to the program.

    Rules governing suspension are the same as those for the regular school day. The weekly fee must be paid during the suspension if parents wish to reserve a place in the program.

    Much planning goes into ensuring your child’s stay during teacher workdays is rewarding and enjoyable. Planning has already begun for special activities and/or field trips on these workdays. In order for your child’s day to be a positive experience, please observe the following policies:

    •      Parents should notify the ASCEP site director at least one week prior to each workday as to whether their children will attend on that workday.
    •      Children are not permitted to leave the After-School Care group except for final pickup by parents.
    •      Children will be asked to bring a bagged lunch or money for a special lunch.

    This service is offered to assist parents with special needs on these workdays. For additional assistance or information, please call the ASCEP site director or program director Amy Deans at (252) 399-7714.

    The staff will be available from 2:30-6 p.m. each day to receive calls.

    When a student is to be withdrawn from the program, parents should provide a one-week notice and pay all fees through the final day.


    5544 Lake Wilson Rd.
    Elm City, NC 27822
    (252) 236-4574

    5404 NC Hwy. 42 E.
    Elm City, NC 27822
    (252) 399-7920
    (252) 230-8319 after 2:30 p.m. 

    4028 Hwy. 42 W.
    Wilson, NC 27893
    (252) 237-3882
    (252) 230-8327 after 2:30 p.m.

    6260 Blalock Rd.
    Lucama, NC 27851
    (252) 239-1257
    (252) 290-5827 after 2:30 p.m.                                                         

    4826 Packhouse Rd.
    Wilson, NC 27896
    (252) 399-7950

    6605 Rock Ridge School Rd.
    Wilson, NC  27893
    (252) 399-7955
    (252) 230-6607 after 2:30 p.m.

    1601 Tarboro St., SW
    Wilson, NC 27983
    (252) 399-7981
    (252) 230-9309 after 2:30 p.m.

    1400 Grove St.
    Wilson, NC 27893
    (252) 399-7986