For *NEW* Students

    Have the following needed documents ready:

    Birth Certificate

    Parent’s photo ID

    Two proofs of address 

    Immunization records

    *Health Assessment (Only needed if 1st time in NC public school)

    *Last report card (If coming from another school)


    1. Go to: https://wilsonncc.scriborder.com/family and click on Create Account as seen below OR Login in with your account.


    2. Fill out all required fields and click the blue Create Account button.


    3. Click the ‘Associate Student’ button below. If you plan to enroll multiple students, you will need to add those additional students using the ‘Associate Student’ button on the Family Dashboard after you have created the first student profile.  It is recommended that you add all students before completing applications.


    Step 1: Fill out the form completely:

    1. Please ensure that you select the correct ZONED school for each school year.

    2. Each year, you will need to change the values associated with Zoned School, School of Attendance, and Grades.


    Step #2 :Select the 'Save' button if this is a new profile, or the 'Update' button if you are editing an existing profile.


    5. To apply for applications hit Begin Enrollment Application 

    6. Click ‘Begin Application for Your Student’ 


    7. Step #1

            Select the application you want to do at this time.

    Step #2

    Click the 'Select' button to the far right of the grade info column.


    8. Answer all questions in your application.  Initial and digitally sign. Click the blue proceed button to complete the application and return to the dashboard.


    9. If your application requires document uploads, then here is where you will see the completed application with a link to upload those documents.  (Documents required vary by the application)


    Clicking “View / Add Docs” will connect to your camera if you are on a mobile device.  If you have difficulty uploading documents you may bring your documents to the school where someone will assist you.

    **Failure to upload any required documents will delay the application or possibly cause it to be denied.**

    Once any required documents are uploaded you have finished the application process.