Proficiency Summer School Information

Proficiency Summer School will be offered to students who do not demonstrate proficiency on state EOG or EOC tests. Students will be taking the EOG and EOC tests over the next two weeks. After we receive the results from the tests, principals will communicate with the families of students who need to attend Proficiency Summer School. During Proficiency Summer School, students will receive additional instruction prior to taking the test again. This program is in addition to our Summer Scholars Institute.

Proficiency Summer School is scheduled for Thurs., June 3rd, Fri., June 4th and Mon., June 7th. The hours are: elementary 8:00-1:00; middle 9:00-1:30; and high 7:30-12:30. High school students who took EOCs in the fall and did not score proficient are also eligible to participate. Bus transportation will be provided as well as breakfast and lunch. Again, principals will be sharing more information with families in the next few weeks once students take the EOGs and EOCs.