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The WCS Nutrition Program takes pride in its highly trained, dedicated staff whose mission is to courteously serve well-prepared, nutritious meals that enhance the health of students and staff. The School Nutrition Team is committed to the 10,900 children they serve every day. Their ultimate vision is to serve all 11,500 WCS students. The Team thanks everyone who supports the program. If you need any assistance, contact Director Mary-Catherine Talton at (252) 399-7845.


Wilson County School Nutrition Services and the Maintenance Department are now accepting bids on Fire Extinguisher Service for the 2019-2020 school year. Bid opening is scheduled for April 17, 2019. For more details, interested vendors should contact School Nutrition Director Mary-Catherine Talton at 252-399-7845 or



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Each morning, the School Nutrition staff in the elementary schools provide and deliver food to the individual classrooms at no cost. Breakfast is offered to all elementary students, but it is the student's choice whether or not to participate. To ensure optimum temperature and freshness, the food items are transported in insulated cooler bags. Breakfast and lunch is served at no cost to all elementary-aged students because of a federal grant. 

We are proud that our school cafeterias consistently achieve high health inspection scores. To see a list, click School Cafeteria Health ScoresDid you know that health scores are based not only on the kitchen area, but also common areas that are close in proximity to the cafeteria like the bathrooms and dumpsters? School Nutrition Services would like to thank the custodial staff who provide assistance in these areas. The cafeterias are now being inspected by the newly adopted FDA 2009 Food Code. Managers no longer receive 2 bonus points for having a recognized food safety certification. 



Elementary Schools, Darden Middle School and Daniels Learning Center: 
Due to the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), all students receive breakfast and lunch meals at "no cost".

Middle and High Schools:
- Students in grades 6th -12th will not be allowed to charge for meals.
- If a student does not have the funds to pay for a meal (breakfast or lunch) an alternate meal will be offered.

Alternate Meal:
- At breakfast, the alternate meal will consist of fresh fruit or fruit cup, milk and juice.
- At lunch, the alternate meal will consist of cheese sandwich, milk, choice of fruit and/or vegetable. French fries will not be a vegetable choice for the alternate lunch. 
- Since the alternate meal is not considered reimbursable, the student will be charged a unit a la carte price.


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Diet Order Form in English and Spanish

Milk Substitution Form in English and Spanish



Student Wellness Policy 


The School Nutrition Program follows USDA guidelines. The USDA provides reimbursement for student meal participation, USDA commodity foods received (about 20% of foods used) and revenue from supplemental sales. The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


CONTACTS FOR SCHOOL NUTRITIONMary-Catherine Talton, Director

(252) 399-7845

Ann Barfield, Supervisor (Middle & High Schools)
(252) 399-7846


Vacant - Supervisor (Elementary Schools)
(252) 399-7848

Amber Sharp, Bookkeeper
(252) 399-7847


Debra Foster, Training Specialist
(252) 399-7849


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