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Safety and Security

Aside from educating students, the safety of our students and staff is one of the main priorities of Wilson County Schools. A District Safety Team was formed in January 2013 after the Sandy Hook tragedy to look at current procedures, research best practices and make adjustments to emergency plans. This team quickly expanded and now has representation from the school system as well as law enforcement and numerous other departments. In 2015, Wilson County Schools received the Director’s Award from NC Emergency Management in recognition of being one of the safest school districts in the state.

What Safety Processes Does WCS Have in Place?

- A District Safety Team that meets monthly with leaders from WCS, law enforcement, fire department, emergency management, social services, emergency medical services and Wilson 20/20

- Buzz-in systems installed at outside doors of schools

- Picture ID badges distributed and worn by staff at all times

- CPR/AED training offered for all interested staff members at no cost

- Incident Command Teams identified at each school

- Incident Scenario training conducted by Wilson County Emergency Management with all school Incident Command Teams

- Lockdown Drills with Law Enforcement

- School Emergency Plans updated each year

- Emergency bags supplied to every classroom

- Panic buttons installed in schools to notify law enforcement in an emergency

- Stop arm cameras placed on buses

- Communication procedures assessed to ensure parents are receiving the information they need in emergencies 

- Training exercises simulating an active assailant and the parent reunification process

- Parent Reunification Forms are required each year 

- Training for bus drivers and students to adhere to state policy regarding bus safety


Safety - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I know if an emergency has happened at my child’s school?

You will receive an automated phone call (and an email if you provide your email address to the school) with the details of the situation. It is also important for the school to have the correct phone number.

  • How do I update my contact information?

If your phone number or email address changes, please contact your child’s teacher or school office to make them aware of the changes.

  • Will there be other updates in the future?

Safety and security is an area that will always demand assessment and improvements. We are committed to providing the safest schools possible for our staff and students.


Parent Reunification Process

During certain emergencies, it might be necessary for schools to hold all students in an area and then release them to parents/guardians and other designated individuals one by one.  This process is call Parent Reunification. Schools will only release students to individuals listed on 

Parent Reunification Form - English

Parent Reunification Form - Spanish



Safety Information for Schools

ID Badges

All WCS employees are required to have a photo ID badge. For assistance, contact 252-399-7721.

Fire Drill Report

Schools are required to have regular fire drills and turn in a report to Administrative Services. Principals can download the form at this link - Fire Drill Report




Accident Reports

If you are visiting or volunteering at one of our schools and have an accident, please fill out this form - Accident Report Visitors/Volunteers

If a student has an accident at school, please fill out this form - Accident Report for Students