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Travel Information


Return the necessary forms to Martha Proffitt in Accounts Payable.

Information needed:

- Download the Travel Reimbursement Form from the bottom of this page and use the Mileage Chart Form with the current mileage rate. Also fill out the Workshop Lodging Form if necessary. Forms with handwritten information will be returned. 

- Complete front and back of form

- Employee’s signature

- Supervisor’s signature & date

- Travel destination (from worksite destination, WCS does not pay from home)

- Reason for travel (conference/workshop name) - Type on another line - do not wrap text - do not modify form - travel form is 2 pages

- Do not modify form by inserting or deleting lines - this action removes the excel formulas.

Supporting documentation needed:
- Copy of agenda (verification of meals requested)
- Copy of certificate of completion or workshop registration (all out of district travel requires documentation)
- Copy of hotel receipt
- Meals are reimbursed per diem. (Meal reimbursement is only if there is proof of an overnight stay with hotel receipt.)
- Parking receipt
- Taxi receipt
- Airline baggage receipt 



Request Form for Travel