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- What types of benefits are offered to WCS employees?
Health insurance coverage is provided for full-time, permanent employees with dependent coverage available. Employees may choose from among several state plans. Permanent part-time employees are eligible for coverage on a self-paid basis. Questions concerning plans offered to employees and dependents should be directed to the proper Human Resource Services administrator. Dental insurance is also made available to all full-time, permanent employees on an individual or a family basis. The system pays a small portion of the cost of this insurance. The employee has the option to accept coverage on either an individual or a family basis. If coverage is declined by the employee and eligible dependents during the first 30 days following the employment date, the employee and/or dependents will have a 12-month waiting period before full coverage begins. WCS provides $2,500 in life insurance for all full-time, permanent employees. There is no cost to the employee for this coverage. Additional coverage for the employee and dependents is available at a small cost to the employee. Coverage will begin on the first day of the month following the employment date. For more information, please contact (252) 399-7721.