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Frequently Asked Questions about Licensure
- Do I need a teaching license?

All teachers in North Carolina are required to hold an appropriate license for the subject, grade level or assignment taught. A teaching license can be obtained by completing an approved teacher education program or through an alternative licensure program (lateral entry). Employees in positions requiring a NC teaching license will need to register a personal account in the Licensure Management and Application Online System. This system will allow the educator to make certain requests to NC DPI Licensure him/herself, as well as to access and print a copy of his/her license. (NCDPI will not be sending a hard copy to those of you who have a renewal cycle beginning 7/1/2015.) You also will need to affiliate and maintain affiliation with WCS (and the Nash RALC if you are associated with and following a plan from the RALC) in the Licensure Management and Application Online System. Follow these steps to register and affiliate.


1. Log onto

2. Select NCDPI Registration in the lower left of your screen to initiate the process

3. Use a personal, private email address for this account, as this will be your login for continued access to your NC   educator license, regardless of employment status

4. After the first phase of registration, you will receive an automated email providing you access to the second phase for   completion of setting up your personal educator account

5. Once you have registered, WCS and the Nash RALC will accept your request to affiliate

6. You must remain affiliated for the duration of your WCS employment

*Please notify Marcia Bonner at when you have successfully registered your account. For more information on the state licensing program, please visit the licensure page of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website. For more information on the state licensing renewal requirements, please visit the licensure renewal page of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website.

- What if my teaching license has expired?
All expired licenses shall be invalid until reinstated. To be eligible for reinstatement, an individual must have earned a minimum of 8 units of credit during the three-year period immediately preceding the date of application for reinstatement. A reinstated license shall be valid for a three-year period that begins from the date of completion of the required credits. Individuals with expired, non-provisional North Carolina licenses shall be eligible for a three-year Standard Professional 1 or Standard Professional 2 license based on the need of the employing LEA. At least 8 renewal credits must be completed during the three years. At the end of the three-year cycle, if all 8 credits have been completed, the license will be issued with a new five-year dating cycle or the license remains expired until all renewal credits have been earned. Only an employing school system can request reinstatement of a license for a person who holds an expired license. This shall be not an option for currently employed individuals who have not met renewal requirements. There is a DPI fee of $60.00 to reinstate an expired license.

Renewal credits can be earned through any college, university, community college, Goodwill Community Foundation ( or through opportunities offered by Wilson County Schools. If you have any questions regarding a particular opportunity, please contact Tracey Leon at