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Injuries on the Job

Frequently Asked Questions about Injuries on the Job
If I am injured at work, can I go to my private doctor for treatment?
No. Injured employees who intend to have a claim filed as worker's compensation must receive treatment from the authorized medical providers listed below:
Wilson Immediate Care
1725 S. Tarboro St.
Wilson, NC 27893
(252) 237-2891      

Forest Hills Immediate Care
2130 Forest Hills Rd.
Wilson, NC 27893
(252) 399-0707

- What forms do I need to complete if an employee gets injured?
When an employee is injured on the job the following forms should be completed:
-Workers Comp Form 19

-Workers Comp Employee Statement
-Workers Comp Medical Provider Letter
*Form 19 and the Employee Statement should be completed and faxed to the Health Benefits Representative even if the employee determines that no medical treatment is necessary. The medical provider letter should be given to the employee as authorization for treatment at the medical facilities that are listed on the form.

- What if an employee is injured and decides not to go to the doctor, but later changes his/her mind?
If this occurs, provide the employee with a medical provider letter and notify the Health Benefits Representative that the employee has decided to seek medical treatment for the injury. For more information, please contact (252) 399-7721.