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National Board Certification


We are excited you are interested in pursuing your National Board Certification. It is a demanding yet fulfilling professional development experience and is guaranteed to impact the lives of each student in your classroom as well as your life as a professional educator. The current certification process consists of four components:

- Component One: Content Knowledge

- Component Two: Differentiation in Instruction

- Component Three: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment

- Component Four: Effective and Reflective Practitioner

Wilson County Schools (WCS) provides all candidates an opportunity for continued support throughout the process. The WCS National Board Support Program offers ongoing support, encouragement and feedback from the moment of application for National Board candidacy throughout the entire process. We encourage each of you to participate and make this part of your National Board Certification process. Feel free to email Human Resource Coordinator Sherri Jernigan at with questions. Best wishes on your National Board journey!


About the WCS National Board Certification Support Program

The WCS National Board Certification Support Program provides support for National Board candidates pursuing initial certification, retake submissions or renewal. The program provides a number of key components, as needed:


Procedures and Requirements to Apply for National Board Certification

This information and the sites referenced below are updated periodically as more information about the National Board certification process becomes available. To learn more information, follow the steps below:

  1. Review all information on the National Board website.
  2. Review the Guide to National Board Certification.
  3. Review the Component 1 At-a-Glance and Component 2 At-a-Glance documents in the Candidate Info section.
  4. Meet all National Board Eligibility Requirements at the time of application, including the completion of at least three years of teaching, school counseling, or working in the media center.
  5. Review the NC eligibility for NBPTS Pay Differential.
  6. Review the NC eligibility criteria for state loan funding.
  7. Apply directly to National Board at using the National Board Certification Online Application. This includes paying the $75 annual processing charge. *Note: You must check “yes” to releasing information to a third party on the NB application. The third parties are the State (for loan funding), WCS (for renewal credits and salary increase) and NCCAT.
  8. If you are applying for state funding, complete the  North Carolina National Board state loan funding application on or before the deadline (December 31). If you are eligible for State loan funding, do not pay anything except the $75 processing charge to National Board—you will not be reimbursed. Please note that loan funding is limited.
  9. Complete and send to Sherri Jernigan at Central Office the WCS National Board Candidate Information form. This form is needed for payroll and renewal credit purposes and also so you receive information regarding support sessions.
  10. Note: You may complete components in any order but you should only order components you are ready to complete. You may take up to 3 years to complete all of the certification requirements. Once you order a component, you must complete it by the submission deadline.


North Carolina Application for Funding

Submit the North Carolina funding application, if applicable, to complete the National Board Certification application process. That form and more information can be found on the NC Department of Public Instruction National Board Certification page.

Questions concerning state loan funding should be directed to: Dr. Sonja Brown, NC NBC Program Coordinator, 919-807-3358 or


Other Important Information

  • Eligibility Verification forms will be requested from the state for some first-year National Board candidates. Candidates will be randomly selected to complete the Eligibility Verification forms. If you are selected to complete the forms, you will be notified via email regarding the process for completing the forms.
  • Upon loan approval, North Carolina pays the application fee for all eligible teachers pursuing National Board Certification directly to the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Any fees sent to NBPTS by an individual teacher or school district will not be reimbursed.
  • All Candidates who attempt/complete the NBPTS Certification process are awarded a complete NC teaching license renewal cycle (8 CEUs). Renewal candidates are awarded 2 CEUs for successful renewal of National Board Certification (1 for content and 1 for literacy)
  • You will be contacted by the Human Resources Department after you receive your final scores. You will not receive your renewal credit until you receive your scores in the school year in which you complete the last of the components.
  • North Carolina provides three days of professional leave for state-loan funded NBPTS candidates. The candidate's immediate supervisor must approve all leave requested. The three state-loan funded leave days are also available to initial certification Candidates who qualify for the state loan but choose to obtain their own funding. Candidates must follow the eligibility guidelines to get the three days.
  • All Initial and Renewal Candidates should read the Guide to National Board Certification.
  • Retake funding is no longer available. Candidates wishing to retake exercises, entries or components will be responsible for payment of retake fees.
  • Federal subsidy initial funding is no longer available for educators paid from federal funds.
  • Eligible teachers may locate additional sources of funding by visiting the following link to the NC Department of Public Instruction National Board Certification page.
  • Visit the NC National Board Certification Wikispace.

Checklist to Ensure You Complete all Steps

  • I applied online through National Board and paid the $75 annual processing charge.
  • I completed the North Carolina loan funding application online, if applicable. (Funds limited so apply early)
  • I signed the promissory note if I applied for state loan funding.
  • I completed and returned to Sherri Jernigan at Central Office the WCS National Board Candidate Information form.
  • I am on my way to becoming a National Board Certified Teacher!