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How to Enroll


We are excited to welcome your family to Wilson County Schools! Whether you’re relocating to Wilson County and need to enroll your child or you’re already local and need to register your child, please visit to the elementary, middle or high school in your district. If you need assistance in determining which school that would be, visit the WebQuery School Zone site or contact the WCS Transportation Department at 399-7837.


The steps to enroll a child in school are below. However, you may have special circumstances, such as enrolling a kindergartner or questions about early entry or our Spanish Immersion Program. That information can be found at these links: 

Kindergarten Registration 

Early Entry Information into Kindergarten

Spanish Immersion Program


Steps to enroll a student in Wilson County Schools:

1. Visit the elementary, middle or high school in your district. No appointment is necessary.
2. Bring a least two different types of address verification documents to your school. See below for more information.
3. Complete the enrollment documents requested of you.
4. The office staff will enroll your child and notify your school’s principal of your enrollment.
5. The office staff will give you any additional information to assist you as you begin your school year together.

What documents should I bring?
Please bring at least two of the following items with you to enroll your child:
- Property tax records which indicate the street or road address location of the residence
- Copies of the mortgage documents or copies of deed to property which indicate the street or road address of the property
- Copy of the residential lease showing street or road address
- Copy of utility bill showing residence address (electric, gas, water or cable)
- Copy of current driver’s license showing street or road address
- Copy of voter registration form showing street or road residence address
- Copy of automobile registration showing street or road address
You will also need to bring the following:
- A current Report Card for your child
- Transcript (high school registration only)
- Withdrawal form from the previous school
- Certified birth certificate - If not available, any of the following are acceptable:
Hospital Certificate
  Physician's Certificate
  Midwife Certificate
  Religious Record (from a mosque, temple, church or other religious institution)
  Baptismal or Church Certificate
  Entry in Family Bible
  Family Record
  Parent's Affidavit
  Emancipated Youth's Statement
  School Record
  Immigration or Naturalization Document
  Life Insurance Policy
  Census Record
- Immunization record
- Legal custody papers (if applicable)
- Health Assessment Transmittal Form (All first-time NC public school students)
- Withdrawal Form (Middle/High)
- Transcript (High School)
- Report Card (K-12)
- Schedule (High School)
- Affidavit Requirement Form - A signed and notarized affidavit is required if you are living in the household with someone and one or both proofs of residence, i.e. property tax record, utility bill, are not in your name.  A picture ID must be presented identifying the person you are living with.
You will also need to fill out a number of Registration Forms  (please note that The Health Assessment Transmittal Form must be completed by your child's doctor. Health assessments must be completed by the first 30 days of school. State law also requires immunizations for all children enrolling in kindergarten or first grade for the first time. You will also need to provide a copy of your child's Immunizations. More information about immunizations can be found here - Immunization Information.

What should I expect once I arrive at the school?
Once you arrive at the school in your district, you will also be asked to complete a number of
Do I need to make an appointment?
No appointment is necessary to enroll your child. Your school will also provide information about schedules, bus routes and anything else you will need to get a great school year off to a fast start.

How do I register my kindergartner?
All elementary schools host Kindergarten Registration Day during the spring each year.  Click here for more information on Kindergarten Registration.
How do I find my assigned school and bus stop?
For school assignments and bus stop information, visit the School Bus Route Link or contact the WCS Transportation Department at 399-7837.