• How to Enroll

    Application Process

    During the spring semester of their 8th-grade year, students will have the opportunity to meet WECA's principal, school counselor, and college liaison during our visits to each of the middle schools in Wilson County.

    Students who are interested will be given the opportunity to complete the application and interview process. Students will be notified before the end of the spring semester of their acceptance status to WECA.

    Who Should Apply

    • WECA will open the doors to students from all cultural, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, linguistic, and special needs backgrounds.
    • WECA is designed for students who may be underprepared in a traditional setting but have the academic potential and willingness to accept the challenge to accelerate their future by attending high school and college at the same time.
    • Eighth-grade students who reside in Wilson County and have successfully completed all requirements for promotion to the ninth grade.
    • Students who have a sincere commitment and strong desire to work diligently throughout the school year.
    • Students who will commit to WECA for at least one year.
    • Students who are in good academic standing, have acceptable attendance, conduct, disciplinary records, and possess strong work ethics and study skills.

    Benefits of Attending WECA

    • WECA students earn a high school diploma, an associate degree, or college transferable credit.
    • WECA students will receive six years of education in five years.
    • Students will be guided by a Personalized Learning Plan.
    • Classes will be small and learner-centered, and teachers will know every student.
    • Unique support services will include a weekly WECA seminar, academic support/enrichment, peer tutoring, and college tutoring.
    • College tuition and books are FREE.
    • Transportation is provided by Wilson County Schools.
    • School lunches will be available daily.