• WECA Organizations
    Student Government Association (SGA) - Mrs. Dean, Advisor
    National Honor Society (NHS) - Mrs. Spell and Mrs. Wright, Advisors
    Tiger Time Electives

    Every Friday, we allow our students to participate in a 45-minute enrichment and academic support period and 30-minute class periods for extension & acceleration. Students who are in good academic, behavioral, and attendance standing are allowed to sign up for a Tiger Time Elective of their choosing. Students who need additional support in these areas will be registered for a teacher-led support session. More information can be found in our Tiger Time Handbook 2023-24.
    Session I: August 11 - September 1
    Freshman Seminar, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Coloring, Puzzles, ACT Prep: Reading, Poetry, Podcasts, Flag Football, UNO

    Session II: September 8 - September 29
    Walking, Bible Club, ACT Prep: Science, Flag Football, Board Games, Puzzles, UNO, Step Team, Math Help, Coloring, SGA
    Session III: October 6 - October 27
    Study Hall, Art Club, SGA, Board Games, Outside, Flag Football, ACT Prep: English, Cheer Club, Poetry, Math Help, Coloring, UNO
    Session IV: November 3 - December 1
    Bible Club, Board Games, Book Club, Coloring, Intramural Sports, Math Help, Poetry, Puzzles, SGA, Study Hall, UNO, SGA
    Session V: January 12 - January 26
    ACT Prep: Math, Art Club, Board Games, Book Club, Coloring, "Ladies, Let's Talk", Lattes with Lamm, Math Help, Poetry Club, SGA, Society of Women Engineers, Study Hall, UNO
    Session VI: February 2 - March 1
    ACT Prep: Math, Basketball, Bible Club, Book Club,  "Ladies, Let's Talk", Lattes with Lamm, Math Help, Puzzles, Science Help, SGA, Step Team, Study Hall, UNO
    *Dates and electives are tentative and subject to change