• Gardners Families,
    Welcome to our 2022-2023 school year!

    It is a tremendous pleasure to be working alongside you and your students this
    school year. I have always loved learning and enjoyed being a student - elementary
    school was my favorite! Our School Motto is, Students First, and the lengthy
    history of academic successes at Gardners speaks volumes of the dedication,
    passion, and love our staff members have for each student in our care. We will
    continue to put the needs of our students at the forefront of all decisions we make
    and the initiatives we focus on to continuously take our teaching and student
    learning to the highest level possible.
    Again this school year, you will have the opportunity to work & collaborate with the
    best elementary school staff in Wilson County! As an educational team, we are
    committed to providing each child the opportunity to have an equal playing field for
    learning, character development, and overall personal development - education is
    one of the great equalizers. We want each of our students to have many personal &
    professional choices in life. Our love and passion for children, our most important
    customers, have brought us together to become better at what we do each day for
    our special Cubs!
    Additionally, our parents and families are essential to the many successes we have
    experienced at Gardners. We will continue to need you to partner with our teachers
    and staff to ensure your student's incredible learning experience while in our
    learning community at Gardners.
    I sincerely appreciate your partnership and trust in us working with your children
    this school year.
    Will Pope, Principal