Welcome to Hearne Elementary School!

  • Hearne Motto: 

    Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Kind

    Hearne Mission:

    Our mission is high academic achievement for all students in order to ensure that all students leave Hearne Elementary School with the foundation needed to continue preparing for their post-secondary plans - college, career, or workforce.

    Hearne Vision:

    Hearne Elementary School will prepare each of our learners to be academically successful in a safenurturing, and challenging learning environment. Learners will leave elementary school with the foundation needed to become productive, responsible, and globally competitive citizens. Working with all stakeholders: learners, parents, faculty, staff, and community; we will ensure that each learner is equipped for middle school and beyond.

    Belief Statements / Guiding Principles:  

    We believe:

    1. All students are to be valued and appreciated for who they are.
    2. Our students are entitled to and will receive a quality education.
    3. The learning and behavioral expectations must remain both high and attainable.
    4. It matters not where students live or what their experiences are..they shall be taught with and will rise to, high expectations.
    5. All children can best learn in a caring, inviting, respectful, and disciplined environment.
    6. In teaching the whole child while working with families to achieve optimal success in the classroom and in life.
    7. That our school is a place where children can freely grow, develop, and become socially mature.
    8. Our students will progress to middle school as high academic performers if they will give 100% every day and remain focused on their academic goals!