• Philosophy and Goals of Lucama Elementary School

    Lucama Elementary School believes that its purpose is to develop each student to their fullest potential so that they can be an informed and constructive member of society.  Further, the school strives to promote, to inspire, and to develop within the school community a positive self-concept and a desire for continued educational growth.

    The school fosters a cooperative spirit among the administration, faculty, parents, students, and business, professional, and educational communities.  This spirit promotes a continuity of learning experiences for the student that enhance his maximum growth and relevance to the school community and to contemporary society; therefore, there is a united effort to accomplish the following goals:

    1. Create a concern for good physical and mental health by providing avenues for appropriate self-direction, critical thinking, and problem solving.
    2. Strengthen social growth through acquiring an appreciation for the social heritage of all individuals and an acceptance of the responsibility for evaluating this heritage and contributing to it.
    1. Develop the willingness and readiness to assume the rights and duties inherent in membership in a democratic society and to support the free enterprise system
    2. Promote integrity, respect, and cooperation through effective communication within the school community.
    1. Promote an appreciation for the environment in order to protect and to preserve its natural beauty, to create a greater awareness of the factors which lead to environmental abuse, and to foster a sense of conservation toward nature and natural resources.
    1. Develop to the fullest the innate abilities of each individual student, to encourage the desire for formal and/or informal educational growth, and to foster constructive use of time.
    1. Afford opportunities for the effective use of the communication media—listening, speaking, reading, writing, and computing.