Degrees and Certifications:

Abby Boykin

From a young age, I began spending countless hours using my mom's needle to sew uncanny attire for my dolls. I learned the art of sewing from my grandma as well as cooking and all that good stuff. Growing up, I pressed fresh flowers in phonebook (super old school--I know), creating multi-media paintings, as well as creating things such as clay magnets for my family's refrigerators. Being creative is innately within me since I was a little girl. Now, I create art that restores and preserves my memories. My greatest love is to help others find their inspiration for creating their art, whatever style it may be in. When I am not teaching, my greatest loves are my faith and family including my husband, daughter, and son. I also like spending time outdoors in my garden,  walking my pups, going to the beach--anything that fills me with sunshine and fresh air! I hope you see a touch of sunshine when you step through my doors and how art can help you more than you realize. 


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