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      **Please note** The enrollment window for WAVE has closed for the 2021 Fall semester.

      If there are any openings for the second semester (Spring 2022), the application window will reopen in the fall. Please make sure that all of your contact information is correct in Powerschool so you don’t miss any information when it becomes available. 


      About WAVE Registration

      Before registering, please read the student and parent responsibilities.

      • Students must be entering 3rd-12th grade in the 2021-2022 school year.
      • Reliable Internet Access (does not include school-provided hotspot or cellphone data plan).
      • Evidence of successful academic performance and attendance in virtual or remote learning environments in the past and/or
        • Previous years academic performance.
        • Grade level/academic proficiency as indicated by End of Grade tests, state exams, or other data points.
      • Families must commit to provide a learning coach for their student(s). Parent/guardian involvement is a huge part of student success and is expected at WAVE. We call our parents/guardians "learning coaches" as they help their students learn and grow while at home throughout the school year. 
      • Students must be willing to commit to attend WAVE for the semester. However, we want to ensure success for all students so this commitment can be re-evaluated as needed and/or at the end of each grading period. Students who leave WAVE will not be allowed to re-enroll.
      * Special programs (e.g., AVID, IB, Early College, AP Capstone, and Spanish Immersion) are not available as a part of WAVE.
      Fall Semester 2021
      Need Help with the Application Process?
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