• During the May 16, 2022 Wilson County Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to permanently close Winstead Elementary and Toisnot Middle at the end of this school year. Winstead and Toisnot staff and students will be reassigned beginning the 2022-2023 school year. Listed below are links to maps of the new attendance zones and also links to street addresses to assist families in determining which new school your student will attend. Should you have any questions after reviewing the maps and street address lists, call the Transportation Department at 252-399-7839.

    General Maps of New Attendance Zones
    Hearne Elementary
    Vick Elementary
    Vinson-Bynum Elementary
    Darden Middle
    Elm City Middle
    Forest Hills Middle

    Street Address Lists 
    Find your address in the lists below to determine your student’s new school assignment.

    • If your student will be in elementary school next year, view the street address lists for Hearne, Vick and Vinson-Bynum and find your address.
    • If your student will be in middle school next year, view the street address lists for Darden, Elm City and Forest Hills and find your address.

    *The street names are listed in the first column. The house numbers are listed in the columns with the headings - Low odd, High odd, Low even and High even. The first house on the street is indicated with the Low even heading. The last house on the street is indicated with the High odd heading. That street includes those two houses and all of the other house numbers in between. For example, if the lowest even house number on a street is 100 and the highest odd house number is 199, the houses with those exact house numbers as well as all of the houses in between are located on that street. Please disregard the last two columns on the far right - the lists are generated in a system that does not allow for columns to be deleted.  

    Hearne Elementary Street Address List
    Vick Elementary Street Address List
    Vinson-Bynum Elementary Street Address List
    Darden Middle Street Address List
    Elm City Middle Street Address List
    Forest Hills Middle Street Address List