• ECMS Policy

    Electronic Devices (including cell phones) are to be turned off and in book bags out of sight all day.


    WCS Board Policy Use of Personal Technology on School System Property

    Users may not use private WiFi hotspots or other personal technology on campus to access the Internet outside the school system’s wireless network.  Each principal may establish rules for his or her school site as to whether and how other personal technology devices (including, but not limited to smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) may be used on campus.  Use of personal technology devices is also subject to any rules established by the Superintendent under a bring your own device plan authorized by Section C of policy 3220, Technology in the Educational Program, and for employees, policy 3228/7323, Use of Personal Technology to Conduct School Business.  The school system assumes no responsibility for personal technology devices brought to school.

    Wireless communication devices include, but are not limited to, cellular telephones, electronic devices with internet capability, paging devices, two-way radios, or any similar device. Students are permitted to possess such devices on school property so long as the devices are not activated, used, displayed, or visible during the instructional day or as otherwise directed by school rules or school personnel with the following provision: The school principal may develop and make available a plan for specific times and locations when students may access their wireless communication devices without consequences.

    Although use generally is permitted before and after school, use of cellular phones and other wireless communication devices may be prohibited on school buses when noise from such devices interferes with the safe operation of the buses.  In addition, elementary and middle school students who participate in after-school programs are prohibited from using wireless communications devices during such programs.


    Electronic Devices

    Students’ use of personal technology devices (including, but not limited to, cell phones, tablets, and laptops) must be in accordance with policy 3225/4312/7320, Technology Responsible Use Policy. Students are prohibited from using personal technology devices to engage in misconduct such as bullying or harassment or to maliciously or intentionally disrupt, damage, or destroy school system technological resources or networks (hacking or introducing viruses).


    a. 1st Offense: Parental notification.

    b. 2nd Offense: May receive up to a 3-day suspension.

    c. 3rd Offense: May receive up to a 10-day suspension; may be recommended for long-term suspension only if the principal determines that aggravating circumstances warrant a more severe response and provides notice of those aggravating circumstances in the notice of suspension.