• Speight Middle School PBIS Matrix










    Gather all necessary materials before entering each classroom.

    Keep Chromebooks closed while transitioning.

    Bring supplies and materials to every class.

    Bring Chromebooks to class fully charged.

    Have lunch money and lunch number ready.

    Grab napkins, utensils and condiments before you sit.

    Use the restroom at scheduled times.

    If there is an emergency, have a pass.

    Be on time.

    Bring all necessary materials.

    Acknowledge the speaker. Listen attentively. 

    Arrive at your bus stop on time and wait for the driver to signal you.

    Know bus rules for evacuating the bus for emergencies.

    Be prepared to depart the bus when it arrives at your stop.


    Respect all staff members and classmates by keeping your hands and feet to yourself.

    Take care of school property and equipment.

    Raise your hand to speak.

    Listen attentively.

    Demonstrate compassion and respect.

    Use quiet voices.

    Use table manners.

    Be courteous to cafeteria staff.

    Value others’ privacy and respect yourself enough to keep your business private.

    Use the restroom quickly and quietly.

    Listen and be attentive.

    Clap, laugh, and talk at the appropriate times.

    Keep your materials where directed.

    Clap for all houses and avoid “booing” during rallies.

    Respect the bus driver and all passengers.

    Keep you hands and feet to yourself and out of the aisles.

    Maintain cleanliness of the bus.


    Stay on the right side of the hallway and off of the wall.

    Remain with your class.

    Walk in a straight line.

    Keep your work area clean.

    Return all borrowed materials.

    Line up in a single file line.

    Keep your area clean.

    Dispose your leftovers and trash promptly.

    Keep the bathroom neat, tidy, dry, and clean.

    Wait patiently and quietly.

    Help keep the number of people in the restroom under three.

    Enter and exit orderly.

    Sit in designated areas.

    Stay with your class.

    Keep all book bags in your lap and out of the walking aisles.

    Sit in your designated seat while riding on the bus.

    Keep all of your materials with you.

    Word Hard

    Demonstrate self control.

    Keep our school environment clean.

    Complete and submit assignments on time.

    Work to potential.

    Work diligently on all assignments.

    Demonstrate innovation and commitment to assignments and group.

    Use your time wisely.

    Keep food and drinks in the cafeteria.

    Clean up after yourself.

    Use the restroom for its intended purposes.

    Wash, dry, and sanitize your hands.

    Dispose of waste properly.

    Ask appropriate questions.

    Model appropriate behavior.

    Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    Volunteer to participate.

    Report any problems or distractions to the bus driver.

    Maintain an appropriate and respectful voice level.

    Board and exit the bus in an orderly manner.

    Learn to Lead

    Be a positive example.

    Walk with a purpose.

    Represent well.

    Participate actively in class.

    Ask subject-related questions.

    Be a role model.

    Make healthy choices.

    Wait patiently in line.

    Stay in your designated eating area.

    Exhibit proper behaviors (self-respect and self-control)

    Keep it a socialization “free zone.”

    Give the presenter your attention.

    Follow directions. 


    Sit up straight and sit quietly.

    Obey all bus and school rules.

    Keep your bus clean and neat.

    Represent Speight Middle School as well-mannered bus riders.