• Mission and Vision Statements


    Wilson County School’s Mission Statement 

    The mission of Wilson County Schools is to provide an educational environment that creates success for all students through the community working together.

    Wilson County School’s Vision Statement 

    Wilson County Schools is a place where students participate in an educational environment in which they are engaged and empowered in their learning and graduate as responsible citizens prepared to compete in the global economy. Collectively, students, educators, families, and community members commit to becoming lifelong learners and ensuring students are prepared for success and equipped with the skills to pursue their dreams.


    Forest Hills Middle School’s Mission Statement 

    We envision a school dedicated to providing a quality education and creating productive citizens who can compete in a global society. We believe in rigorous instruction, the meaningful use of technology, celebrating diversity, character development.

    We believe in:

    • rigorous instruction
    • the meaningful use of technology
    • celebrating diversity
    • character development


    Forest Hills Middle School’s Vision Statement 

    We strive to develop students in realizing their full potential as responsible and productive members of society.


    Forest Hills Middle School’s Core Values

    1. Maintain a safe and orderly learning environment 
    2. Maintain a positive school culture
    3. Focus on effective teaching and student learning
    4. Hold high expectations for all stakeholders 
    5. Consistency