About Us

  • Fast Facts

    School Mascot:  Hawk

    School Colors:  Black, Red, and White

    School Population: 417 students


    Toisnot is a place where students participate in a safe educational environment in which they are engaged and empowered in their learning.  Collectively; educators, parents and community members commit to ensuring our students become lifelong learners who are prepared for further education and are equipped with the skills to pursue their goals.

    Mission Statement 

    The mission of Toisnot Middle School is to S.O.A.R by teaching Safety, Ownership, Academics, and Respect to create an educational environment that promotes student achievement and success.

    Core Values

    We believe these things about people: All people have worth. All people can learn and succeed in different ways at different times. All people grow and learn best in a caring, inviting, respectful, and disciplined environment that ensures success. 

    We believe these things about human behavior: Diversity within our community enriches and strengthens our society and requires interaction and collaboration among all people; Change is inevitable and requires courage and innovation for personal growth and progress; Ethical conduct is a necessary foundation for all human relationships; Individuals are ultimately responsible for his/her actions. 

    We believe these things about quality: Learning is a lifelong process that enhances the quality of life;  Powerful relationships exist between the expectations and levels of performance; Striving for the best is always worth the effort; Effective communication is vital to a person’s and organization’s productivity; Success breeds success. 

    We believe these things about partnerships: Shared vision coupled with teamwork strengthens an organization’s purpose and effectiveness; Education is shared responsibility and a vital function of the entire community; All people are responsible for contributing to the community; The family is the primary influence in the development of every individual.

    School History

    Dedicated in 1987

    School Community

    Feeder elementary schools are: Wells, Margaret Hearne, Vick, and Vinson Bynum. Toisnot shares feeder elementary schools.

    All students attend Fike High School.