Ralph L. Fike High School 2022-23 Golden Demon Parents and Students: We hope you enjoyed the summer and are looking forward to a great new school year! Your Fike PTO sure is! The last few school years have been hard on everyone. Students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents have all worked hard under unusual circumstances to provide the best educational environment for our children. The Fike High School PTO is no different. Due to COVID restrictions, there’s been limited opportunities for fundraising, which is vital to PTO. However, we want to turn the tide and build back support for our teachers, staff, and students. The PTO would like to provide opportunities such as scholarships, mini-grants, and staff appreciation events to support and assist the Fike High School family in educating our students. This can only be done with YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT! In an effort to “stay golden”, we are providing you this “golden opportunity” to donate money and in return receive Fike fan gear and other perks. Your donations will go back to Fike High School to be used to support our teachers, staff and students. If you are interested in donating, visit the PTO table during orientation or turn in the sheet below to the front office or with your child to their homeroom teacher along with a check/cash. Alternatively, you may send a donation through PayPal(choose Friends and Family) at or Venmo at @Fike-PTO. Checks can be made payable to Fike PTO. We thank you for any support you can provide! Stay Golden! 


    DONATION LEVELS (Please place an “X” on your level below. For levels with multiple options, place an “X” on your option choice)

    _____$5 Choose one:__car magnet__1 raffle ticket*__ seat cushion__car flag__band sticker _____

    $10 Choose one:__Fike Booster Card__large band sticker _____

    $15 t-shirt _____

    $20 Choose one:__5 raffle tickets*__2xl t-shirt__3xl t-shirt


    _____ $50 Includes: car magnet, t-shirt, 2 raffle tickets*, Fike Booster Card, ticket voucher to a home sports game or band event, and seat cushion

    _____$100 Includes: car magnet, t-shirt, 5 raffle tickets*, Fike Student All Access Sports Pass, seat cushion, and 2 car flags


    _____$25 Senior yard sign

    _____$50 Includes: car magnet, t-shirt, Senior yard sign, and 2 raffle tickets*

    _____$100 Includes: car magnet, t-shirt, Senior yard sign, 5 raffle tickets*, and 2 extra seats at graduation

    _____Here is my donation of $____. I don’t need anything, but I would like to help!

    *Raffle tickets can be entered to win either a Yeti package that includes a Tundra 45 cooler, a camino carryall bag, and a 16oz tumbler valued at over $500 or a Fike Family All Access Sports Pass valued at $200

    Student Name ___________________________ Parent Name___________________________ Homeroom __________________ Grade______ Parent Cell Number_____________________ Student Cell Number _____________________ Parent Email___________________________ Shirt Size: (adult) ____S____M____L____XL____XXL 

    Fike Gear Donation Levels