Reassignment Information

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    The official reassignment window for the 2022-2023 school year is March 1-June 1, 2022.

    Wilson County Schools provides parents with the opportunity to seek reassignment to a school based on criteria established by Board of Education Policy 4150. Families must complete an official Request for Reassignment Form each school year within the prescribed window. Transportation is not provided as a part of reassignment. Questions about school assignment for specific streets can be answered by the WCS Transportation Department at (252) 399-7810 or by visiting the WebQuery School Zone site. For further information regarding reassignment, please contact (252) 399-7789.

    Families should complete the Request for Reassignment Form online by creating a Scribbles account. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE REASSIGNMENT FORM. Should families need assistance creating a Scribbles account and finding the online Reassignment Form, click HERE. If you already have an account for your student and need assistance finding the online Reassignment Form, click HERE and refer to steps 5-7.

    The official criteria for reassignment is as follows:

    School System Employee: Children of the Wilson County School System and children of residents of Wilson County employed in neighboring school systems may be reassigned to the parent's or legal guardian's place of employment. Wilson County Schools employees may request reassignment for their children to any school within the high school attendance areas of the employee's base school. Employees who transfer to a school in another high school attendance area may request reassignment of his/her children to a school in his/her previous high school attendance area. If the employee requests reassignment for his/her children to schools within the new high school attendance areas, he/she may not request that the student return to a school in his/her previous high school attendance area.

    High School Students: Students in Grades 11-12 and students promoted to the 11th grade who attended a high school for the final six weeks of the 10th grade may request reassignment to the same high school.

    Hardship: Students with a hardship approved by the superintendent or designee may be reassigned to another school. The superintendent or designee shall review the evidence and rule on the hardship status.

    The following schools are identified as capped schools due to capacity using the Hardship criteria for the 2022-2023 school year:
    Frederick Douglass Elementary (except for the Spanish Immersion Program)
    Gardners Elementary
    New Hope Elementary
    Rock Ridge Elementary
    Elm City Middle
    Springfield Middle
    Hunt High