Spanish Immersion

  • The Spanish Immersion Program provides a language experience for students in both English and Spanish. Students accepted into this program will receive 50% of their instruction in Spanish and 50% of their instruction in English. This program starts in Kindergarten and continues until fifth grade. The program is located at Frederick Douglass Elementary at 5544 Lake Wilson Rd. in Elm City, NC 27822. Spanish Immersion is a unique educational program that requires a basic commitment from parents or guardians. Please consider the information below before deciding to apply for the Spanish Immersion program: 

    • Participation in the Spanish Immersion program requires special permission and the submission of a reassignment form if my child lives outside of the Frederick Douglass Elementary district.  
    • Students must adhere to the attendance, behavior, and academic guidelines as stated in Wilson County Schools policy. 
    • Parents/Guardians should read nightly with their child for 20 minutes.
    • Assessments are completed in English and Spanish. 
    • Spanish Immersion classes do not follow House Bill 90 class size requirements. 


    How to apply for the Spanish Immersion program located at Frederick Douglass Elementary:

    1. Register your child for Kindergarten at their base school.

    2. Complete the 2022-2023 Spanish Immersion application and drop it off at Frederick Douglass in c/o Casey Wester or email the form to

    3. If your child is accepted into the Spanish Immersion program and not in the Frederick Douglass district, you will need to complete a reassignment form on the Wilson County Schools website.


    Application Form

    2022-2023 Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Application Form

    2022-2023 First Grade Spanish Immersion Application Form


    Program Entry Points

    - Students may enter Kindergarten Spanish Immersion anytime within the school year.

    - Students may enter 1st Grade Spanish Immersion anytime between the beginning of school and the end of the first nine weeks.

    - Contact the Principal of Frederick Douglass ES for more information at (252) 236-4574.

    - Reassignment is contingent upon the student's acceptance into the Spanish Immersion program.


    Wait List Admission Process Timeline

    - A Kindergarten waitlist will be created for those not admitted for the program. The admission process will be followed to fill any kindergarten vacancy that occurs throughout the school year.

    - A First Grade wait list will be created for those not admitted for the program. The admission process will be followed to fill any first grade vacancy that occurs through the last instructional day in October each year.