• What are the requirements of a substitute teacher?
    Substitute teachers perform the duties of a teacher to provide continuity in the classroom in a teacher's absence. A new substitute teacher applying for employment with Wilson County Schools must submit the following documents:
    • completed Online Application (People Admin-Teacher Match)
    • an official degree-dated transcript from high school or college
    Current employees of Wilson County Schools must also complete an updated Online Application. Official Transcripts may be submitted to the Human Resource Services Department. 
    Upon approval from the Board of Education, you will then be notified when you may begin substituting.

    What is the pay rate for a substitute teacher?
    • Certified Substitute Teachers earn $103 per day. All certified substitute teachers must provide a copy of their current North Carolina license.
    • Non-Certified Substitute Teachers earn $80 per day.
    What kind of training do I need to remain a substitute teacher?
    To remain active as a substitute teacher with Wilson County Schools, all non-certified substitute teachers are required to complete a Substitute Teacher Certification course. Upon successful completion of a course, please remit your original certificate to the Office of Human Resource Services so that a copy may be placed in your personnel file. You are only required to take this course once during your substitute teacher employment. If you have previously taken and successfully passed this course, please furnish a copy of your certificate to ensure your continued substitute teacher employment. If not completed within one year of registration as a substitute teacher, you will be removed from the substitute calling system and ineligible to substitute until you have provided proof that you have completed the course.

    What kind of training do I need to become a substitute teacher?
    The Effective Teacher training course is mandatory for all substitute teachers. This virtual training is offered by App-Garden University. Once you complete this training course, you will be given a certificate of completion which may be printed and kept for your records. Central Office will receive a report of your completion, and this will also be a record of your intent to sub this year. The course available includes the Substitute Orientation Course and the Effective Substitute Training Course. The cost for the course is $49. Please click here. Once the purchase has been made, you will receive an email with a link to the training.

    Are there safety procedures I need to know as a substitute teacher?
    Safety is a priority, and Wilson County Schools requires substitutes to know safety procedures. Substitutes are required to watch this Substitute Safety Training Video and answer a brief questionnaire

    Substitute Teachers
    Contact:  Glen Davis, Executive Director of Benefits and Classified Personnel

    (252) 399-7721