• Driver Education Information

    Driver Education is offered online by Wilson County Schools monthly except over Winter Break.  The course consists of two parts:  (1) the Classroom Phase and (2) the Behind the Wheel Phase.

    To take Driver Education, the student must:

    1.       Be between the ages 14 ½ and 17
    2.       Be enrolled in a school located in Wilson County (Public, Private or Homeschool) as students must take Driver Education in the county where they attend school, not necessarily where they live.
    3.       Be in 9th grade. However, other grade levels may take the class if class size permits.
    4.       Be mentally and physically able to get a NC driving permit.
    5.       Be passing 75% of their courses; meeting their school's attendance policy and making satisfactory progress toward graduation.
    6.       Have access to a device, WIFI and a Gmail account is required as this is an online platform.

    If a student meets all these requirements, they may register for the course on the Wilson County Schools website. Successful registration will generate an email response thanking you for your interest.  If there is no response, you were not successful and need to resubmit.  Submitting multiple times after receiving a response will hinder, not increase, your chances of getting into a class.  Students are assigned and placed in classes according to their birthday and the school they attend.  The student will be notified via email with an invitation to join the Google Classroom.  The course consists of 10 units, each unit taking 3 days for a total of 30 days.   All assignments must be completed on time, but students should communicate with their instructor if problems arise.  Within those 30 days, eye exams will be offered by a DMV Representative at no cost and is required, date, time and location will be announced by the instructor.  Upon successful completion, a $65.00 fee is required to begin the Behind the Wheel Phase.  WAAT students need to pay this fee to Beddingfield High School. Students will be assigned to an instructor and driven according to their birthdays. 

    To sign up for the WCS Driver Education class, please use the link below. 

    WCS Driver Education Registration Form

    For more information about Driver Education, please visit the district website linked below. 

    WCS Driver Education Resource Page