• Prospective Students

    Information for Prospective Students


    Who Should Apply?

    • Students from all cultural, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, linguistic, and special needs backgrounds
    • Students who have interests in careers related to advanced manufacturing technologies and STEM
    • Students who are seeking a hands-on and relevant educational experience
    • Students who may be under-prepared in a traditional setting but have the academic potential and willingness to accept the challenge to accelerate their future by attending high school and college at the same time
    • Eighth grade students who reside in Wilson County and have successfully completed all requirements for promotion to the ninth grade
    • Students who have a sincere commitment and a strong desire to work diligently throughout the school year
    • Students who will commit to the program for at least one year
    • Students who are in good academic standing, have acceptable attendance, conduct, disciplinary records, and possess strong work ethics and study skills

    What is the Application Process?

    Wilson Academy of Applied Technology

    4510 Old Stantonsburg Road.

    • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    What is the Selection Process?

    • Grades and End-of-Grade and End-of-Course test scores will be reviewed to determine the ability to succeed in college level coursework.
    • Student attendance and discipline profiles will be considered.
    • Personal interviews will be conducted with selected students by the Wilson Academy of Applied Technology admissions team.
    • First generation college students will be given priority.
    • Other factors are: 8th grade competency questions, interest assessment, and an essay question.