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Technology Fee Information

Many families were asking how they would know if they are eligible to have their tech fees waived. The eligibility to have fees waived will come through your Application for Free or Reduced Meals which comes through our Child Nutrition office. Families can complete an online application (which traditionally gets processed faster) or a paper application. By law, we are given 10 days to process applications; however it typically gets done at a much faster rate than that. Link to the online meal application:

Once the application gets processed, the family will receive a letter stating which meal benefits, if any, they qualify for. They are to utilize that letter to have their technology fee waived based on financial need.

If a family misplaces their letter or needs a copy they can contact the Child Nutrition office (252-399-7849). Those letters or names cannot be released to anyone other than the legal guardian. Please contact the school if you have any questions.