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Closure of Winstead ES and Toisnot MS

The Wilson County Board of Education held its regular monthly meeting on Mon., May 16. The agenda included a discussion regarding the possible permanent closure of Winstead Elementary and Toisnot Middle. In a 5-2 vote, the Board voted to close the schools at the end of this school year. Winstead and Toisnot staff and students will be reassigned beginning the 2022-2023 school year. More details will be shared with staff and families in the coming weeks. 

The Wilson County Board of Education has been in the process of long-range facilities planning for the past two years, at the suggestion of the Wilson County Board of Commissioners. Long-range facilities planning includes the possible closure, consolidation and/or building of schools to develop improved facilities in the long term. The district has a large number of older, underutilized schools, including Winstead and Toisnot. The tentative plan for Toisnot is to use it as an interim site for future school construction. The district is planning to build a new Frederick Douglass Elementary, and Toisnot will serve as the temporary location for those students and staff while the new building is being constructed.  The tentative plan for Winstead is still being determined.

As mentioned previously, we will keep Winstead and Toisnot staff and families informed in the coming weeks regarding next steps for those schools. We will also continue to keep the entire district informed as the long-range facilities planning process continues, which may include additional school closures, consolidation or new construction. 

*This message was not sent out as a district phone call because of the late hour, but it was shared through email with staff and families and posted on the WCS website and social media channels.