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3-Year Accelerated Graduation Pathway

Message for 8th Grade Families: 

Recently adopted state legislation establishes an accelerated pathway for students to be able to graduate from high school in three years. The 3-year accelerated pathway is offered as an alternative to the traditional 4-year pathway. While the 4-year graduation pathway provides educational benefits such as in-depth career exploration opportunities and enrichment activities for our students, the 3-year accelerated option permits students to expedite the time in which a student spends in high school prior to pursuing a career or higher education.

The 3-year accelerated pathway limits the number of electives students will have the opportunity to take in high school and limits the number of years that students have access to Career and College Promise (or CCP) courses through Wilson Community College. This pathway further limits the number of years that students are able to participate in extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, chorus, Career and Technical Education organizations, and other pursuits.

Students who are seeking an AP Capstone and IB Diploma are not eligible for the 3-year accelerated graduation pathway. Students attending Wilson Academy of Virtual Education or one of our early colleges (Wilson Early College Academy or Wilson Academy of Applied Technology) are not eligible for the accelerated pathway per State Board Policy.

Any student who is interested in the 3-year accelerated pathway must schedule an appointment with the principal of the high school they will be attending next year. A parent or guardian must accompany the student. The appointment must occur prior to May 17 in order to ensure an appropriate schedule for the 2024-2025 school year. Students who apply for the 3-year pathway should have established post-graduate plans to share with the principal during the meeting. The contact information for the principals is as follows:

  • To contact Beddingfield High, call 252-399-7880 to speak to Principal Jenny Hayes
  • To contact Fike High, call 252-399-7905 to speak to Principal Dr. Ross Renfrow
  • To contact Hunt High, call 252-399-7930 to speak to Principal Eddie Doll

Students who are not interested in this pathway or are not eligible to participate in this option, do not need to take any action. If you have questions, please reach out to the principals at the high schools.